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This week’s post is just a quick drop in to let you know what general things are happening in my life.. I cannot believe we’re almost halfway through April already. I know I say this every winter, but this year’s has seemed to go on for extra long. However, I am loving the fact it’s no longer dark when I leave work and the weather is definitely warming up. In fact, there has even been a couple of sunny days! So, here’s a quick summary of some things which have happened this year:

  • January 1st marked my 5 year ‘vegan anniversary’
  • Started going to yoga classes once a week
    Although I’m only going to a beginners classes, I’m really enjoying it and hope to progress to a different class soon. I would love to go to a couple of classes a week, but yoga classes are so expensive :(. I’ve quickly realised that I really need to stretch before and after cycling, I can really feel tightness in the muscles which I particularly use for cycling. MUST PRACTICE AT HOME MORE!
  • Re-started morning cycling after a week or two off over Christmas
    It has definitely been weather dependent, so I have not been able to go 4/5 times a week like I was in 2017. The beginning of 2018 saw very dark mornings, minus temperatures and snow. Some honesty time here- I’ve been finding it harder to get up in the mornings and the cycling ‘buzz’ isn’t quite the same as it was last year. I am 90% sure that this is down to the long winter and I’m quite certain that this will all change when the weather gets even better. I’ve only managed a couple of weekend rides too, which I’m a little disappointed at, but again, this is a result of rain/bad weather or other weekend plansCycling 2018
  • Seeing family
    Birthdays, Mother’s Day and just visiting them
  • Trying to plan and create content ahead of time
    Having drafts ready is really handy and helps me to be more productive with my time
  • Going through our flat and my possessions to declutter
    Less things= more space, less worry and a clearer mind!
  • Spending time with Chris at the weekend
    Although we live together, it’s the weekends that we properly get to hang out. This has included lots of cinema trips, eating out, walks and just chilling at home (we watched all of the Lost TV show in just a few weeks haha)

  • Got a new mirrorless camera
    Before I was just using my phone of Chris’ mirrorless camera. I’ve since bought a new one for myself and finding I’ve got much more of a creative ‘spark’ back (whether that’s making photos for my blog or just taking photos for my own practise and enjoyment)
  • I said goodbye to green hair.. 
    And said a happy hello to natural to purple balayage/dip dye! A big thank you to Vanessa at the eco and cruelty-free Cuttlefish Hair Salon in Brighton. She is such an incredible colour technician and I couldn’t recommend her enough 🙂
  • Went to Hong Kong with Chris!
    If you missed it, we spent 10 days in Hong Kong, exploring, learning and eating so much amazing vegan food. You can read my two posts here and here. There will be more posts to follow!
  •  That brings us to April where we are now!


Some goals for the upcoming year

      • Continue cycling and start going on new routes
      • Progress with yoga- practice mindfulness, breathing and patience within a yoga setting and apply to regular life too
      • Make better and visually more appealing blog content
      • Save money for more travel! As much as I want to collect and adorn my body with more tattoos, travel and having money to do things with Chris is more of a priority at the moment!
      • Spend time with loved ones and create more friendships and put more effort into friendships
      • Continue minimalising my possessions
      • Posting blog posts more than once a week (when time allows)

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