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World’s End is an arcade bar/pub on London Road in Brighton. It’s a nice and relaxed during the day and there’s such a fun atmosphere in the evening. They have virtual reality booths, a large scale (10 person) scalextrics and a bunch of other retro arcade games. For someone who no longer drinks alcohol, I have a really positive experience of this place and highly recommend it!

Their kitchen is run by Baby Chow, an Asian-fusion kitchen, sister to Baby Bao at The Pond. Since we loved the food at The Pond, we knew we definitely wanted to try the food run by Baby Chow! They have a couple of vegan options, for each part of their menu. We didn’t get to try everything, but I will definitely be back to try the other items we missed. Check out what we ordered!..Vegan at Baby Chow at World's End

For the ‘mains’ I ordered the seitan steamed bao bun slider which was served with miso mayo, kimchi, nori and lettuce inside. It was soo tasty, I loved the texture of the steamed bun, which was somehow still managed to be crispy at the same time! All the flavours went so well with each other.

Vegan Food at Baby Chow at World's End

Chris ordered the tofu laska coconut curry vermicelli noodle pot, which came with lime, chilis and bean sprouts. It was a really decent sized portion, really flavoursome and super tasty too.

Vegan at Baby Chow at World's End

We also shared the glazed sweet and sour fried tofu nuggets, which were my favourite out of all four of the dishes (honestly, they were so so delicious!). Of course, I couldn’t turn the chance to check out the fries- which, I can confirm, were excellent! They were salty but not too salty and were just perfectly cooked. They came topped with miso mayo, scallions, coriander and chillis… Mmmm! I will admit, they weren’t quite as good as the fries at The Pond (they are topped with sriracha mayo, hoisin sauce and peanuts which are all my favourite things) but they were still a solid 8/10!

Vegan food at Baby Chow at World's End- Vegan Fries and Tofu Nuggets

I’m really looking forward to going back to try the other vegan options. I was really so impressed with the food. Although it wasn’t overly busy when we went, we were still surprised at how quickly the food came out and how fresh it tasted. It’s also great to know we can go for lunch or for an evening dinner. I’d highly recommend going to eat Baby Chow food at World’s End as a vegan, especially if you like street food and Asian-fusion style food!
Baby Chow at World's End Menu

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