Birthday Eats in London and Brighton

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For my birthday (which was now nearly two weeks ago) we took a lovely trip to London on the day prior to my birthday and stayed in Brighton on the actual day. Over the course of the weekend, we got to eat lots of super yummy food including three new places!

London- Mildreds  

For lunch in London, we went to Mildred’s- a well known and pretty established vegetarian eatery in London. This is somewhere I’ve wanted to try for a while and we went to the Kings Cross Branch. Although it was busy, we were seated very quickly and the service was pretty quick considering the amount of people there! I went for a jerk tofu dish which came with avocado, slaw, coconut and kidney bean rice, plantain and jerk glazed tofu.. it was delicious! Chris went for a Shri Lankan style sweet potato curry which was also great. For dessert I went of a peach, apple and pear crumble with homemade ice cream and Chris went for the ice cream with mango. All the food was super tasty.

Mildreds London

London- Eat by Chloe

Towards the end of the day, we were getting a bit peckish and thought we would get something before we got the train back to Brighton. I used the Happy Cow app to see what was nearby and saw that the Tower Bridge branch of Eat by Chloe was very close- so we went there. Chris went for the guac burger and fries and I went for the Mexican style quinoa salad which came with the tastiest chorizo flavour seitan places and toasted shredded tortilla wraps. The food was quite expensive (for a quick service type eatery) but the taste did make up for it and we didn’t mind paying what we did!

Eat by Chloe London

Brighton- 42 Juice 

Although we’ve got juices from 42 Juice before, we’ve not had a smoothie or smoothie bowl from there. For a very late breakfast/lunch we got an acai and cacao smoothie bowl. As lovely, delicious and surprisingly delicious as it was, it took over twenty minutes to prepare our bowls (when the person making them was not serving anyone else) and we did hear them say ‘why do we have to make these? They take so long, can’t we take them off the menu?’ which I thought was pretty rude and made us feel uncomfortable. Even when taking the order, they seemed pretty apprehensive. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will go back- I’ll stick to my own smoothie bowls or You Juice who have the friendliest staff!

42 Juice

Brighton- Two Wolves Kitchen For dinner, we went to Two Wolves Kitchen who serve food at The Edinburgh (‘The Eddy’) pup near the station. Up until a couple of weeks ago, TWK was an Omni kitchen. Run by two brothers, one vegan and one not, the menu was 50:50 vegan/non-vegan. The non-vegan brother recently went vegan and so now the kitchen is fully vegan. I absolutely loved the food here. We both went for the Signature Wolf Burger which came with a smoked beetroot seitan burger patty, tomato and pickle and a homemade applewood cheese inside a toasted paprika bun, served with a cherry smoked slaw. We both went for a side of garlic salted fries (mmm). As we had a light breakfast/lunch, we had room to share the deep-fried apple pie spring roll served with their homemade dark chocolate nougat ice cream. The food was pretty damn great!


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