A Brighton Summer Evening

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One of the things I love most about Brighton in the summer, are the evenings spent outside after a day in the office. The late summer sun on my face and body, the slight breeze through my hair. I will never get bored of the beautiful coastal sunsets or the wonderful golden hour.  There’s a different atmosphere, everyone seems relaxed. I love strolling around the colourful lanes or the grounds of Brighton Pavilion.. Or just simply sitting on the beach, watching the waves go in and out. Brighton in the summer reminds me of when I was looking to move to Brighton and when I first moved to this pretty magical city.

From street art and industrial style buildings

To delightfully cute spots

To the majestic Brighton Pavilion

To the seafront

This city has it all.

I stop and breathe. I watch the sea and as the sun sets, it’s easy to reflect on where I am. Those negative voices that bring you down throughout the day, the stress of work, the concerns and set backs that are usually in the back of your head, all get pushed away. I get precious moments of gratitude, appreciation, love and inspiration. Have I achieved all my goals? (no), do I even know what all my goals are? (no) but am I living in the city I always wanted too (yes), am I healthy (yes), am I good place (heck yeah) and so am I happy? Yes, yes I am.

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