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Vegan burgers at Cactus Kitchen Gals @ C:/ Side Quest
Three Saturdays out of four consisted of going to C:/ Side Quest which is right on the seafront, by Brighton Pier. Although it is a cool gaming bar with a really nice atmosphere during the day, we didn’t go for the games.. we wanted to support the vegan kitchen, which is run by Cactus Kitchen Gals. In summer 2017, I tried some of their baked treats at a small vegan festival, so I was very excited to hear that they were now doing burgers and hot food. Chris had already been a couple of times with his vegan work mate and so I was so happy when I got to go for the first time (which was a good 3 nearly 4 months since they started residing) at the bar! Unfortunately, their ‘tenancy’ at C:/ Side Quest has now run out, but they will be announcing a new venue soon!
Cactus Kitchen Gals @ C; Side Quest

First Visit

Although I wanted to go for a while, as soon as I saw their monthly special burger- the Pac ‘n Cheeze,’ I just knew that I couldn’t miss the chance to try this burger! From the name, you might be able to guess what is consists off.. a deep fried vegan mac and cheese patty, complete with a homemade cherry chipotle jam in a glazed bun. Of course, I added fries and all burgers come with one dip (I chose garlic mayonnaise)! I was also very happy to see the bar stocks Fritz Kola, one of my favourite drinks that reminds me of summer and our trips in Berlin!

Pac n Cheese burger by Cactus Kitchen Gals @ C:\ Side Quest

The burger was completely amazing and definitely in the top 5 burgers I’ve ever had! I couldn’t stop talking about it after I had it. I thought it would be really glutinous, heavy and oily, but I was so wrong. Although I was full, it certainly didn’t leave me feeling gross and groggy, like I’ve experienced after some junk food! It was a welcomed surprise haha. The fries were the most excellent too! We also shared a white chocolate and cranberry cookie for dessert too.

Cookie by Cactus Kitchen Gals @ C:\ Side Quest


Second Visit

After finding out that they had had one month left as C:/ Side Quest, I wanted to go out and try their special for their final month. This is the ‘Crab Patty’ burger, this was the first special burger that they offered, but as it has such a good reaction, they brought it back again. It is a crispy jackfruit patty, with minty mushy peas and a homemade tartar sauce, all in a glazed bun. Mmmmm!

Vegan cheese burger and vegan crab patty burger by Cactus Kitchen Gals @ C:\ Side Quest

The burger was really good. I preferred the Pac ‘n’ Cheese, but I don’t think a lot of things could beat that, so this burger didn’t have such a great a chance. It was, of course, still super awesome though!

Cactus Kitchen Gals @ C:\ Side Quest

Third Visit

For their last weekend at C; Side Quest (24th/25th Feb), they announced that they would bring back their Pac N Cheese burger. Of course, I just had to have it one last time. I knew how good it would be, but it possibly even tasted even better the second time round. We shared fires and a portion of deep fried seitan strips.

Vegan burgers at Cactus Kitchen Gals @ C:/ Side Quest

They also do a beef and cheese style burger, a seitan burger, seitan strips and deep fried ‘notzaella’ strips! It’s amazing to think that they have only been running as a business since 2017. They have really grown in such a short space of time- I’m so pleased they managed to run the kitchen at this venue! They have announced that they will be opening at a new venue and so, fingers crossed it’ll be something permanent.

Cactus Kitchen Gals @ C:\ Side Quest

Cactus Kitchen Gals @ C:\ Side Quest


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