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Vegan Garden Party- Brighton

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There are more and more vegan festivals popping up all over the UK (and all the world). Pretty awesome right? In my opinion, these festivals are fantastic. It’s a great way for vegans to meet, for small business to grow and of course to encourage and show non-vegans just how easy a transition to a… Read More »

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A Brighton Summer Evening

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One of the things I love most about Brighton in the summer, are the evenings spent outside after a day in the office. The late summer sun on my face and body, the slight breeze through my hair. I will never get bored of the beautiful coastal sunsets or the wonderful golden hour.  There’s a different atmosphere,… Read More »

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Vegan Summer Fest Brighton

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I’m a little slow posting about this, but, a wonderful vegan festival took place over the weekend of June 3rd-June 4th over at The Level in Brighton. It was in partner with Viva! but seemed to be pretty independently run. We took a quick visit on the Saturday and I’m so glad we did. I… Read More »