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Vegan Summer Fest Brighton

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I’m a little slow posting about this, but, a wonderful vegan festival took place over the weekend of June 3rd-June 4th over at The Level in Brighton. It was in partner with Viva! but seemed to be pretty independently run. We took a quick visit on the Saturday and I’m so glad we did. I… Read More »

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Chris’ Birthday in London

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Although Chris really isn’t fussed about birthdays, especially his, it is another excuse to do something a little different to our usual weekends. After present opening and blowing the candles out on his birthday cake slice (chocolate avocado and beetroot from Wai Kika Moo Kau) we made our way to London. Straight from Victoria we… Read More »

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Easy Vegan Meal Ideas

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After looking at my phone’s camera roll, I quickly realised how many photos of my home cooking I had stored. I do LOVE cooking and I am always thinking about food. Although, really poor photography wise, I thought it was a shame to stick them on my hard drive and forget about them. I then thought,… Read More »

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Day trip to London and Vegan Food

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A quick and impromptu day trip to London meant visiting a couple of galleries, enjoying the first ‘proper’ day of summer and of course eating food. We started the day at Tate Modern on Bankside. There  were two admission free floors with plenty of pieces and collections. There were other paid exhibitions on other floors but we didn’t see… Read More »