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Vegan Copenhagen 2017

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A long weekend trip (Thursday-Sunday) to Copenhagen meant exploring a whole new (to us) city and vegan scene. Before leaving for our trip, I googled and made a list of vegan places. We certainly didn’t find it hard eating out in this city and found a good mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Here’s a quick summary… Read More »

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The Rise of Veganism: Larder, Brighton

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It’s very safe to say that veganism is on the rise. In my four years of being vegan, I’ve certainly noticed a big increase in the amount of vegan products that are readily available. This isn’t just in health or alternative food shops either, big chain supermarkets and restaurants are recognising and acknowledging the growing… Read More »

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Mooshies and Vida Bakery: London

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One of my favourite things about visiting London is of course all the vegan food that is on offer. More and more vegan eateries are opening up, which is so encouraging and positive to see. Our most recent visit to the capital was to see the band American Football and our visit involved trying two new vegan… Read More »