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Let’s talk about Books!

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I have always loved reading and the past two years, I set the challenge of reading 12 books a year or a book a month. In 2017 I read about 14 and for this year, I’m currently on my 18th. I try to read a mix of both fiction and non-fiction. I definitely have inherited… Read More »

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Reducing Food Waste- Veg Boxes and Composting

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Although I try and buy package free fruits and vegetables (whether that’s from a supermarket, greengrocers or market), I will admit it can be a little time consuming and also very heavy carrying back! Being vegan and eating mainly fresh wholefood meals, we go through a lot of vegetables. I wouldn’t be surprised if our… Read More »

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Tips for Reducing Waste when Clearing Out

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After three years of living in our flat, we decided to move to a different place in Brighton. Although we mostly enjoyed our old place, it was certainly the right time for a change. Although we’ve had plenty of ‘sort outs’ and have donated lots of clothes to charity shops during our time there, the move… Read More »

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Recent Easy Low Waste Switches

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So, even those who do not follow a low waste lifestyle, are most likely aware of the obvious switches when it comes to reducing single use plastic (ie. using your own reusable shopping bag, using a resuable bottle of water and coffee cup and refusing plastic straws). Shampoo Bar Most shampoo and conditioner bottles can… Read More »

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4 Years Sober

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For this week’s post, I thought I’d write a little something to mark this day. This day, June 17th 2018, celebrates four whole years of being sober. Although a little socially awkward to begin with, I am very privileged and fortunate to have had a very positive and successful journey into a life of sobriety…. Read More »