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Vegan Summer Fest Brighton

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I’m a little slow posting about this, but, a wonderful vegan festival took place over the weekend of June 3rd-June 4th over at The Level in Brighton. It was in partner with Viva! but seemed to be pretty independently run. We took a quick visit on the Saturday and I’m so glad we did. I… Read More »

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Little Cycling Update

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So what’s happening in my little cycling journey? I think I can say that my morning cycles are going well. I’m still trying to get in 10 miles before work, most mornings a week. I’m getting more ‘Personal Records’ on Strava.. and the early starts are getting a whole lot easier. Although, there are definitely… Read More »

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Chinese New Year

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Kung Hei Fat Choy Since moving away from my childhood home, I’ve always made sure I’ve celebrated Chinese New Year in some way (even if it is just as simple as getting a Chinese takeaway with friends). If you’ve read my last post you’ll quickly see that I want to embrace my Asian side as much… Read More »

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Goodbye 2016

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This blog has been a little slow going, I don’t think I ever fully known where I wanted to go with this (until now), so have struggled to make regular content. However, I have some personal goals for 2017 (to keep it brief: more self love and positivity, more bike rides, exploring new places and… Read More »