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Social Media, Fashion and Consumerism

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I originally created this blog to talk about vegan finds that I can share to other vegans and to show other people, just how easy and readily available animal friendly products are. However, over the last few months, it’s become more and more apparent, just how much we’re bombarded with consuming and being left with… Read More »

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Knee Tattoo

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Who?  Harriet Heath Where? Dharma Tattoo (though you can also catch her in Sheffield!) When? October 7th 2016   How did all start? Harriet has done most of my tattoos and she did my very first one back in September 2014. I’ve always been drawn to her work and being another female, vegan feminist, she’s certainly someone… Read More »

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Viva! Brighton Vegan Festival 2016

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Brighton is well known for being a very vegan friendly city in the UK, so when vegan festival and events are held, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be an excellent turn out. Well Saturday 3rd September was the Viva! Vegan Festival at Brighton Corn Exchange and it was certainly no exception! When we first arrived, there… Read More »

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Stay Home Club X American Football

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As much as I try and save money for trips away and tattoos, there are some things which I cannot say no too. This was definitely the case when Stay Home Club collaborated with American Football to produce a small range of the most delightful pins and patches. The band have a special place in my… Read More »