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Recent Changes

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July has zoomed by very quickly and I thought I would write a little post to reflect on it. Chris and I have moved to a new flat and are so far are very much enjoying our new space, our new route to work and being in a different part of Brighton (we’re right by… Read More »

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4 Years Sober

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For this week’s post, I thought I’d write a little something to mark this day. This day, June 17th 2018, celebrates four whole years of being sober. Although a little socially awkward to begin with, I am very privileged and fortunate to have had a very positive and successful journey into a life of sobriety…. Read More »

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2018 so far

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This week’s post is just a quick drop in to let you know what general things are happening in my life.. I cannot believe we’re almost halfway through April already. I know I say this every winter, but this year’s has seemed to go on for extra long. However, I am loving the fact it’s no… Read More »

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Round up of 2017

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Another year is coming to an end and 2017 has a been a strange one. Politically, socially and environmentally, 2017 hasn’t been great. Whilst at times, my low self-confidence and view of myself has made me think ‘I haven’t really achieved anything,’ I think it’s super important to remind myself of all the changes, choices… Read More »

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Favourite TV Shows of 2017

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2017 has seen some great TV shows and series. I’m not good at putting them in an ‘ordered’ list, but I can definitely give a rundown of all the ones I loved watching! So here goes.. Erased (Netflix) A live action of a manga series. A fantasy thriller about a guy who can ‘time travel’ back… Read More »