Chinese New Year

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Kung Hei Fat Choy

Since moving away from my childhood home, I’ve always made sure I’ve celebrated Chinese New Year in some way (even if it is just as simple as getting a Chinese takeaway with friends). If you’ve read my last post you’ll quickly see that I want to embrace my Asian side as much as possible.

Last year I was lucky enough to be in China Town, London for Chinese New Year. This year, I did have an impromptu trip to China Town the weekend before CNY to have dim sum with my Grandparents’, sister and her fiancé, so got to see all the decorations and soak in some of the atmosphere and vibe. On actual Chinese New Year day, me and Chris went to our local Loving Hut (a worldwide vegan franchise café/restaurant), which is run by a super lovely Hong Kong Chinese lady.. who of course, is vegan! So what better way to celebrate the new Year of the Rooster by watching a Lion Dance, being handed fortune cookies and afterwards eating delicious vegan Asian food We took a big box of special Chinese New Year inspired cupcakes away with us.

The different Chinese symbols on the cupcakes stand for luck, fortune and wisdom

Later on in the afternoon, Chris and I took a train back to Portsmouth, my hometown. We were greeted with my Grandad’s homemade Loh Mai Chi (mmm) and hot tea. We then went for a lovely family meal out at a restaurant before coming back to my Grandparents’. Of course, us Asians just love to keep on eating, and so, out came the auspicious oranges and tangerines (representing ‘Luck’ and ‘Wealth’), lychees (symbolising close family ties) and we shared the special Loving Hut cupcakes between us and of course received the lucky red packets.

It was certainly a very lovely day and actually spending time with my family to celebrate was a reminder to appreciate the little things in life.




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