Choosing the right veg box

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If you struggle to find plastic-free vegetables in your local supermarkets and don’t have the access or time to get to your local fresh market, I would highly recommend getting a veg box delivery.

There are so many companies which offer them, that it is a little daunting! It can be difficult to choose one that is right for you. Some things you might want to consider are:

  • Price
  • How big is the box and will it be enough for you?
  • Is the produce organic?
  • Do I want seasonal veg?
  • Do the leafy greens come in plastic (some boxes have packaged lettuce, spinach etc)?
  • Is the produce from local farms?
  • Is anything imported?
  • What days do they deliver?
  • What the box actually contains- will you use all the vegetables (remember, the aim here is to stop using plastic and reduce waste!) that are in the delivery?
  • Do I want to support a local company?
  • Do I want wonky veg in order to stop food waste?
  • Value for money

Before living with Chris, I used to get Abel and Cole boxes with my housemate and Chris used to get Riverford veg boxes before he knew me- so we’ve both used the big names. Since moving into our second place together and living slightly further away from the main markets, we decided to start using a veg box company again. The most important factors for me were the price/ value for money, ensuring no plastic was used, local produce and the actual contents- organic would be a bonus but not a necessity for me.

Simply Veg Vegetable Box BrightonOur first box was from Simply Veg– a Sussex and Kent-based company who deliver locally sourced produced. Unlike other companies, this one goes to the market on the morning of the delivery day and picks a variety of vegetables depending on your chosen size box. We went for the Large Veg Box at £18.50 which has 18 varieties of vegetables- you can even request what you want. The box was HUGE and looked so amazing and colourful. Whilst, it lasted the two of us over a week, some of the vegetables by the end were a bit sad and even the carrots and potatoes were a little limper than I would have liked on the second day. Although the price for what we got was excellent value and we got an amazing range of veggies and no plastic, I wasn’t sure on where the vegetables were sourced and if they’d been imported and because they are chosen at the market, they weren’t at their most fresh as I’m not sure how long since they had been picked. For 3 or people this would have been great- but maybe for the two of us, we could have sized down to retain freshness!

Fin and Farm Veg Box Brighton

Although I would still use and recommend Simply Veg, we have since used Fin and Farm for the last few of our vegetable boxes. They state that they source locally and seasonally. You can pick 3 different sized ones, but as hungry vegans, we usually go for the Large Box at £18 which includes 12 varieties. I really like the Fin and Farm boxes as the produce changes each week and you can see exactly what is in the box. One week I did get celery in plastic and so emailed them the next time I ordered to ask to not include celery due to the plastic and could I possibly have extra carrots. In the next box, they gave me plastic free celery which was great. It’s great as the vegetable is seasonal and I’ve definitely cooked veggies which I never normally buy. However, some weeks, I’ve gone without the box as it hasn’t included my everyday ‘vegetables’- broccoli, carrots, potatoes, peppers and has contained too many things I would be cooking for the sake of it rather than actually wanting! The large box states it feeds 4-6 people, but it’s probably the perfect amount for a vegan couple in one week!

Fin and Farm Veg Box Brighton

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