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How is April creeping up so quickly? Where have these these past 3 months gone?! In terms of cycling, I’ve really not done what I intended and what I thought I would have achieved by now. Working full time, general life/busy weekends and what seems like an awfully long British cold/wet winter has meant I have neglected going on my bike. Sigh.  Of course, this is a little disappointing and frustrating, but there is really no use in complaining. I’ll just have to work harder these next few weeks!

Since the new year, I’ve tried to get at least one session on the bike (outdoor cycling, velo or rollers) but there have been a few times I’ve not been able too. As I’m not a pro nor do I race, I suppose I haven’t HAD to force myself to keep on track and keep up my fitness. However, as the weather is getting a little more warmer, watching more cycling videos again, I feel inspired again! I am not a morning person but these past 3 weeks, I’ve got up earlier to do 5 miles around my local velo (Preston Park Velodrome) once a week. As the weather is getting a little better, I now want to push this to two times a week. This Saturday just gone, Chris and I did a 40 mile cycle- it felt amazing to get out properly, and was our longest ride of the year since New Year.

Looking back at our Strava, we had done far more rides by this time, last year. Although this does make me a little upset, I know deep down that I can’t control the weather at the weekends. Also, by the time I finish work during the week, there’s only an hour or so before the sun starts setting. However, as Spring approaches, I know that the days will be longer again, and I can do more evening velodrome rides.  I also know that I have to make the most of the times when the weather is fine and stop complaining.

So time to stop using Chris’ strava and finally use mine which I’ve had for nearly two years. Time to see some progress!

A slow start, but a start is a start and I just have to keep working on getting myself stronger, fitter and build up my stamina. Any female cyclists out there, please get it touch- I would love to get to know some strong, encouraging and empowering people!




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