Day off in West Sussex

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Taking a weekday off work feels so much different to a set (weekend) off. Knowing you’d normally be at work but instead can do whatever you want, certainly brings a smile to my face. I booked a Friday off, as it was Chris’ last day off before starting his new job. Of course, this day involved bikes and vegan food.. why would we want anything different?! We set off on our bikes along a very windy Brighton and Hove seafront, through Shoreham and onto Worthing. We had a big pasta salad box and ate it in the sun on Worthing Seafront. We then went to our favourite little place in Worthing, Daisy Moos, a veggie and vegan cafe. The place is full of a wide range of cakes, treats, lunch bits and lovely milkshakes. As we’d just eaten, we had a milkshake ( I always go for hazlenut with almond milk and Chris goes for peppermint with almond milk) and a ‘cheese’ stick and an energy ball each, which I forgot to get a photo of!


After a little rest, we then went back on our bikes to a lovely little place called Highdown Gardens. It’s a very quaint little place filled with a collection or rare trees and plants, created from a chalk quarry. It even had a delightful little koi pond. The garden sits on ‘Highdown Hill,’ which is part of the South Downs.. definitely many photo opportunities here! We walked round, took many photos and even took a little time lapse.


DSC01445So back on our bikes, we then went to Roundstone Pick Your Own Farm which was just a mile or so down the road. The farm is a fruit and vegetable farm- so this definitely made our little vegan bellies and minds happy. We jumped on a tractor, which loops round and round the farm for people to jump on and off at various sections of the farm. Our first stop was the strawberries!



Strawbs legsDSC0152537 miles later, a super fun day out and some yummy strawberries later.. I could definitely say ‘what a great day that was!’

Thanks for reading and until the next adventure! x

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