Do I still cycle?

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I haven’t really spoken about cycling for a while and I rarely post about it on my Instagram, so I think some people assume I don’t really cycle these days! However, I certainly say that I am still cycling and still enjoying it very much! Due to life things and preferences, we no longer do our 50-60 mile weekend rides, but I am going out most days on my bike before work and I now use my bike to commute to work most days too. When I can or when I do want too, I will go out for 2/3 hours at the weekend but not every weekend.

Thinking back to last year, I did really love cycling but I do think I put pressure on myself to cycle EVERY weekend, even if I was tired. It was getting to the point where I felt guilty if I wasn’t out on my bike and felt guilty if I was having a relaxing day at home. Working 5 days a week and then followed by a long fixed gear cycle and then having only Sunday to catch up on chores, errands and cleaning- it was all a bit non-stop really. As I was still cycling in the week before work, I did put huge pressure on myself to keep being consistent. All of this started to affect me in a pretty negative way- if I wasn’t cycling then that means I was being lazy and unhealthy. I started to calorie count, only allowed myself to eat ‘treats’ if I cycled a certain amount or was within my ‘calorie allowance.’ When I realised this I knew I had to change.

In addition to this, I was following more and more cycling accounts online. It looked like everyone was cycling all the time, so if I wasn’t then that didn’t make me a good cyclist. Pretty silly huh! I also felt like there was pressure to Instagram story or make a post about each big ride we did. Again, this was another thing I realised was just ridiculous! I didn’t need to prove to anyone I was out cycling!

So now, I go cycle before work most days, but if I’m tired or not in the mood, then I simply won’t. Before I would have done this anyway and then would have not enjoyed the ride! I’ve stopped calorie counting and eat what I want, regardless if I’ve cycled or not and I rest in if I’m tired or if my muscles are tight. I no longer force myself through this and that’s a pretty freeing feeling. I either commute to work on my bike or walk 4 miles a day if I don’t cycle in. I also go to yoga once a week, so my exercise and what I enjoy doing certainly has changed!

The ‘moral’ of this post, is just to say.. don’t put pressure on yourself to do things you think you should be doing. If you like or love something, then great, do it as much as you can, but if you’re tired or don’t want to do it, then don’t. Stop the feelings of guilt, stop comparing yourself and your abilities to other people and lastly, listen to your mind and body. Rest when you need too, even if that’s a day, a week or weeks off doing your thing. When you restart, you will enjoy it SO much more :).

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