Easy Every Day Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

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The idea of going completely plastic-free may seem really far off. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, however, I would like to share with you, some of my everyday tips (which are really quite simple!) for reducing the amount of plastic I buy and use. It could make quite a big impact if everyone made these switches or small steps to reduce the amount of plastic we use and throw away.

When buying food:

  • Buy fruit and veg from your local market (which is often MUCH cheaper than supermarket veg and it supports your local farmers/greengrocers) or lose veg in the supermarket rather than packaged vegetables
  • If possible buy whole foods in bulk (eg. pasta, rice, grains, dry beans, dry pulses)

When you’re out or travelling:

  • ALWAYS carry a re-usable/ water bottle around and take a reusable coffee cup with you if you regularly buy coffee to take away ( I use this Keep Cup)
  • ALWAYS carry a tote or shopping bag with you (I cannot remember the last plastic carrier bag I used in a shop)
  • Be that little more organised and set time aside to make and take packed lunches to work/picnics in Tupperware instead of buying pick up/ to go food in shops
  • Carry a metal straw in your bag instead of using plastic straws in restaurants/bars/pubs

Beauty/household switches:

  • Use household and beauty products which come with the least amount of packaging or packaging that can ALL be recycled easily or if possible, buy products which you can take to be refilled (I do this for BioD products)
  • If you have periods switch pads and tampons to a menstrual cup. As well as massively reducing waste, they’re chemical and toxin free too. There are many brands out there, so please research yourself! (I have been using a Femmecup for almost three years and my periods have never been easier!)
  • Switch your plastic toothbrush for a natural or biodegradable toothbrush (like bamboo) or use one with an interchangeable head (I use a Yaweco one which is made from bio-based materials where possible and in a factory with solar energy and an in-house water cycle)!

Other simple tips:

  • As easy as online shopping is, if possible try and buy from the store itself (to save packing materials and travel pollution and limit the amount of online shopping you do
  • For any other plastic (not plastic bottles) which you do buy, check your local recycling schemes. If your council can’t take items like vegetable and fruit punnets, yoghurt pots, hummus pots etc, there are other recycling schemes which can. In Brighton, I use Magpie Recycling who collect these items from me to recycle.

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