Exploring East Sussex: Seaford Head and Cuckmere River

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Isn’t it strange how little you explore the places near where you live?! Brighton is just on the border of East and West Sussex and there’s just so much more to see outside of our little colourful seaside town. Since getting our bikes, we’ve definitely explored a lot more of our surrounding areas but not nearly as much as we would like!

Today we got a train from Brighton to Seaford and walked along the stunning nature reserve Seaford Head and along Cuckmere River. We have previously cycled to Seaford and half way along Cuckmere River but were defeated by ALL THE MUD. The trail is definitely not suitable for track/fixie bikes! Today, as we went by foot, we actually got to take the coastal Seaford Head path route- (something we couldn’t do on our bikes). Although we had planned to go on this day, the weather was really on our side (kinda)! We had the bright low winter sun which was nice and warming on the face. We did however have the bitter sea wind right on us- but that was all part of the adventure!

The views along this route, really were incredible. The numerous paths take you along the stunning sand and white chalk cliffs. You can see the iconic Seven Sisters Cliff. Although the ground was frosty in some parts, there was still so much greenery and wildlife. I am definitely planning on coming back in the Spring- I’m certain the biological and geological features will be even more breathtaking. What I thoroughly enjoyed about this the variation in terrain (grass, mud, rivers, chalky paths, pebbles and sand!) and the surrounding views- the open sea, white cliffs, the Coastguard Cottages fields, riverbeds and grasslands. What more could you want on a fresh weekend walk?!

We will always love cycling and will 80% of the time choose to go for a cycle over a walk, however we both agreed that it was really refreshing to hike up some hills, really take in and appreciate the views and explore trails we wouldn’t be able to with our bikes. Also, it’s a lot easier for dog spotting (we counted 40!!) and to make the most of those photo opportunities when walking!

For anyone who doesn’t drive but lives in West/East Sussex, Seaford is very easy to get a train too. It’s very easy to navigate from and to the station and is such a beautifully scenic route to take. There are a couple of uphill steeper parts, so great for those who still want a bit of a gradient but nothing too strenuous. Just be careful to wear the right footwear as it can be very slippery.. oh and clothes you don’t mind getting muddy!

Let me know if there are any similar routes that you recommend!







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