Favourite TV Shows of 2017

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2017 has seen some great TV shows and series. I’m not good at putting them in an ‘ordered’ list, but I can definitely give a rundown of all the ones I loved watching! So here goes..

Erased (Netflix)

A live action of a manga series. A fantasy thriller about a guy who can ‘time travel’ back to certain bad events to try and change the past for the better.
I was hooked from the first episode- A really exciting and unique plot with really well-developed characters and first-person narration. I loved the emphasis on friendship and support. Oh yeah, a fully Asian cast as well (not like the Death Note adaptation ey Netflix!).  I’ve not read the manga series, so not sure how the story compares. But I loved this live action so much and probably has been my favourite of the year!Erased Netflix

The Sinner (Netflix)

A thriller about a mum who randomly commits a very unexpected and startling murder whilst on a family day at the beach. The plot then follows her and a detective to uncover the events which lead up to the murder.
A gripping 8 episode series. I mean an actual show where every episode leaves you hanging and question but finished with an actual ending. A really interesting and pretty disturbing storyline (TWs: drug, rape & abuse).
The Sinner Netflix

Blue Planet II (BBC)

Do I really need to explain?! The infamous nature documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
I love nature documentaries and I’ve been particularly interested in the oceans lately, so this has really appealed to me. There’s also a lot of talk on climate change and the problems with overfishing and I like to think that this program will reach out to a lot of people (who normally have little consideration for the planet and its non-human life) and make them make more conscious choices. There are some amazing shots and the filming/equipment are incredible.

Blue Planet II BBC The Handmaid’s Tale (Channel 4)

A Channel adaptation of the novel by Margaret Atwood. Set in a dystopian world where a totalitarian and Christian theonomy has overthrown the US government. Due to pollution and other issues, very few women can give birth and so the story mainly follows Offred and other women who are able and are forced to become ‘Handmaids’ and are sold to families in order to provide them with a child.
Although, it has such a unique storyline, the process where women’s rights and human rights are (quickly) taken away, doesn’t seem too unbelievable from current political climates in the US. The focus on social class and religious power can also be said.  I think that’s what’s made this show so interesting and difficult not to ‘power’ through the whole season in one day. Definitely another favourite of the year.
The Handmade's Tale Channel 4

Stranger Things Season 2 (Netflix)

Again, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of Stranger Things. A science-fiction about 4 kids set in the 80s. A year has passed since the town’s mysterious events and Will has returned from the ‘Upside Down.’ However, Season 2 shows that things aren’t quite back to normal..
Not as good of a soundtrack in this season but I love seeing how the characters have developed during the first season. Again, that real sense of friendship and the perfect mix of humour and suspense. Halloween vibes all around too.
Stranger Things II Netflix

She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix)

An American comedy TV show drama based on the 1986 film, both by Spike Lee. The story follows Nola Darling, an artist Brooklyn who’s struggling to find the balance between her artwork, friends and three lovers.
What’s not to like about this show? A strong powerful WOC who knows exactly what she wants. Nola identifies as a polyamorous pansexual. She doesn’t take sh*t from anyone is ‘proud of her blackness’. I just loved her character so much. I loved the way the show was narrated, the strong use of soundtrack, the artwork, the strong focus on non-monogamous relationships, feminist-smash the patriarchy-fight misogyny and Black Lives Matter agenda.
She's Gotta Have It Netflix

Dear White People (Netflix)

Again, another TV show of the film that came out in 2014 (both directed by Justin Simien). Based on a US college where its POC students deal with various forms of racism and discrimination. A comedy-drama.
I thoroughly how as the storyline unfolds, each episode focuses on a different character and their interactions/views with the events.  Each person deals and ‘reacts’ to the racist behaviours of their fellow white students racism in a different way. Although there were some funny moments and can be classed as a comedy, it addresses various racial issues and current racism really well.
Dear White People Netflix

The Mist (Netflix)

An adaptation of Steven King’s novel. The residents of a small town are trapped in by a mysterious fog which is filled with strange happenings and creatures.
For someone who used to love watching horror movies and have always loved reading books, I’ve not actually read any Steven King novels. I’m not sure how this Netflix adaptation compares, but it was really atmospheric and I found myself powering through the season. There’s some suspense and you want to find out about each character and backstory and how it interplays with ‘the mist.’ A pretty good watch overall (although I’m not sure what Steven King fans would think)!

The Mist Netflix

Riverdale (Netflix)

An American TV show based on the Archie Comics. It’s about high school teens who face the mix of sex, romance, school, family and murder. Season 1 and 2 have both been released this year.
Although a little cheesy, I can’t help but find myself watching this every week as a new episode is released. There are lots of unknowns, wrongdoings and a lot of episodes end on a cliffhanger. I usually like watching a show when all episodes are out, so it makes a nice change watching something weekly!

Riverdale Netflix

I think you can see a pretty common Netflix Original theme going on here, but Netflix are just really good at putting on great shows! Have you seen any of these, what did you make of them? What have been your favourite shows?
I’m a big fan of Black Mirror and am super excited for the latest season to air next week on Netflix! I’m hoping, that it will be just as good as the others!

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