Favourite Vegan Restaurants in Hong Kong

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Following on from my first post, Vegan Places to Eat and Shop at in Hong Kong, I’ve decided to write a separate post on our top or favourite vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong. The food at the following places were that mouthwateringly delicious, that they deserve their own post!

1Pure Veggie House (VGN)
Central, Hong Kong Island

For the best vegan dim sum in Hong Kong, you’ve just got to come here! This was our favourite restaurant, so much so, that we just had to come back for a second time on one of our last days, despite there being so many more places we hadn’t yet tried. Pure Veggie House is all vegan and serves ‘unconventional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine with no added 5 spices or MSG.’ It has a large range of dim sum and a la carte items- many of which are made from organic produce. You can read more about PVH here.  The food was so fresh, crispy (for the relevant items) and sooo tasty!  The deep fried peanut and lotus paste-filled sesame balls were mouthwatering good, and so nearly matched my Grandad’s homemade ones! The deep fried netted spring rolls came with a sweet mayo type sauce and were just incredible too. The restaurant itself is really nicely decorated too, so great. I would recommend coming for an early/late lunch or an early dinner as it does get busy quickly.

Vegan dim sum in Hong Kong- Pure Veggie House

2. CS Vegan (VGN)
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island

This hidden gem was also one of our favourites and is well worth visiting. It’s a Buddist all you can eat vegan buffet with AMAZING home cooked food. The food, which just kept coming out (new dishes and ones to replace the finished ones) were just so fresh and incredibly tasty. The restaurant is super small and you kind of feel like you’re in someone’s dining room (in a good way) and we did have a table with strangers but it was so worth it! The owner was super friendly and encouraged us not to be shy and keep eating. At $88 (about £8) for dinner, it was super cheap.

Vegan in Hong Kong- CS Vegan

3. Three Virtues Vegetarian (V- mostly VGN)
Jordan, Kowloon

Now, this place has a restaurant and a takeaway counter. We didn’t go to the restaurant but did go to the counter to pick up delicious steamed and fried dim sum and bakery bits. Not everything is vegan, but with a little help from Google Translate and our phones, we were able to check with the server which items contained egg or milk. Once we knew, we came back three times as we just wanted to keep on eating the amazing food. As it was across from our hotel, it was perfect when we wanted something to eat but weren’t fully hungry for a full meal or to take away when on the go!

Vegan Bakery and Dim Sum in Hong Kong- Three Virtues Vegetarian

4. Veggie Family (V- 90% VGN)
Mong Kok, Kowloon

Another particularly great restaurant with a pretty big (80% Asian, 20% Western) menu. Non-vegan dishes were clearly marked on the menu, which made it super easy when ordering/deciding. We went for these amazing hot pots and shared steamed rice and a plate of fresh broccoli and ‘chicken.’ My taro, ‘chicken’ and coconut milk hot pot was just so delicious! I couldn’t get enough of the sauce- the coconut wasn’t too heavy or filling and was fairly ‘liquidy’ when compared to other coconut milk based curries or dishes. Again, it was all so flavoursome and fresh.

Vegan in Hong Kong- Veggie Family

*It’s worth noting, that everywhere we ate was amazing- it’s just that these particular places were particularly memorable and if you only have a few days in HK, I would recommend going to these four places!

We really had the most brilliant time exploring this place and it’s a trip we never want to forget. We were SO impressed with all the food we got to try and are already looking forward to saving and going back. Please don’t forgot to read my first post on the vegan food we ate during our Hong Kong trip!


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