My First Fixed Gear Century Ride Experience

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Completing one of your goals is a really great feeling- no matter how big or small it may be. One goal I set out for 2017 was to ride my first century ride (100 miles/160km) in a day. On Sunday 27th, we did just that! Although to some, 100 miles might be a regular thing, for me it was something I thought I wouldn’t physically be fit enough or have the stamina to do! Also, most people who ride 100 miles would do it on a road bike and not a fixed gear bike. That means, if we wanna cycle, we have to constantly pedal.. if we stop, we either fall off or come to a halt! Overall, we cycled just over the 100 mile mark, Brighton-Portsmouth and back.

Although Chris wasn’t impressed with the early start, it was good to set off early. Quiet roads, meant we could get a good pace on the roads we were familiar with. Other than a few quick toilet and re-fuel (bars & water) breaks, we just kept on going! The last 15 miles or saw were a little sore (our butts and hands more so than our actual legs), but we did it!

Reaching home safely, in the time we wanted too and saving our Strava ride was a real great feeling. We had a recovery protein shake (water, plant milk, frozen bananas, raw vanilla vegan protein powder and dates) and then ordered ourselves some vegan pizza on delivery as very well deserved treat!

What are some of your goals? Have you managed to complete some of your cycling/or any other goals set for 2017?


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