Fixed Gear Goals 2017

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So, a week into 2017 and I’m already super excited for what this year may bring in terms of cycling and cycling adventures. I’m more determined than ever, to become more confident on my bike and have more confidence in my abilities. I’m certainly going to adopt a ‘can’ do attitude when it comes to a long ride or hill climbs!

I’ve said it before on here, but cycling really does give me such adrenalin and love and appreciation for the outdoors. I’m super grateful that I have a good working bike and the physical ability to go out and use it. After a mundane week, it can be easy to just want to laze around at home at the weekend, but getting up, putting my face of make up on and jumping on my bike and riding makes me feel pretty amazing. #grrlpwr

As with a lot of sports and exercise activities, it can be really easy to stay at home in the warmth during the winter months. I think I can safely say, that it’s not just me, who slacks a little during the months where it’s either raining, super windy or so cold that your hands and feet go numb. However, after having some time off, I’m so so ready to get back into even more regular cycling for both mental and physical health maintenance and improvement.

Some personal goals I have for this year are:

  • Conquer more hill climbs (including Ditchling Beacon)
  • Increase my average speed
  • Cycle 1-3 times in the colder months
  • Cycle 3-5 times during the warmer months
  • Actually hold a track stand for a decent amount of time
  • Complete a century ride (100 miles) in a day
  • Be more confident in traffic
  • Have a POSTIVE and CAN DO attitude

Any other non males out there who are into cycling and want to come together to create a fun, positive and encouraging online community, please ht me up! Keep up that PMA ♥︎


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