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Flamingo's Life Kailash Mounain Orange Vegan TrainersIt’s really not often that I buy new pieces of clothing or footwear, but my two pairs of Vans were looking a little sorry- holes at the front and on the soles and were ripped at the back so that they always felt a bit loose. I was holding out to replace them and also trying to find an ethical company. The company, Flamingo’s Life actually came up as a sponsored ad on Instagram. To be honest, they are probably one of the few ads which have actually caught my attention and have actually been catered to me!

Flamingo’s Life are an animal-free Spanish footwear brand who describe themselves as ‘committed to animal rights, environment and sustainable economy.’ They are involved with a number of ethical and eco-related projects:

  • They collaborate with Eden Projects and so for every pair of shoes purchased, 5 trees are planted to help with reforestation and native wildlife, target climate change, provide work and help local communities
  • They have an Oslo Recycled Collection where the shoes are made from recycled bottles which are collected from garbage to reduce the plastic pollution in the oceans 
  • They work with different associations to donate unsold shoes
  • They are advocates for animal rights and are a PETA Vegan approved company

Flamingo's Life Kailash Mounain Orange Vegan Trainers

I got one a pair in ‘Mountain Orange’ from their Kailash collection. As I got in their clearance/outlet range, it’s not actually on their website anymore. They do, however, have it in several other different colours. I love the contrast between the main shoe, the laces and the sole! These trainers feel much higher quality than Vans due to the thick soles, thicker outer part of the shoe and even the laces with metal aglets. They even came with a spare set of plain green cotton laces.

Flamingo's Life Kailash Mounain Orange Vegan Trainers

With a handmade natural rubber sole and with an ergonomic ‘Shock Absorber’ cushioned sole, my feet do feel very supported, padded and comfortable. Not only is it important to find ethical companies, but also make sure that you love the product and that it fits you properly and makes you feel good. You don’t want to get something because it’s from ‘a good brand’ to wear it once or twice and decide that you no longer like it or that it never fit correctly. Try it on around the house, walk around and make sure you love them!

Flamingo's Life Kailash Mountain Orange Vegan Trainers

I really like the fact that they only have a few collections of shoes rather than loads of individually designed shoes. This means that they really focus on the quality and design of each particular shoe and then they play around with colour to create a full collection. Fast fashion is incredibly damaging to our planet. I tend to buy the majority of my clothing second hand, but I find it quite difficult with shoes. That’s why I waited until I found a company I felt confident in and one that aligned with my ethics and beliefs. Of course, when buying online, sizing can be difficult. There’s the environmental concern of packing and sending the item, but unfortunately, there’s just not many companies on the high street where you can try shoes on, who follow such ethical footsteps.


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