Little Cycling Update

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So what’s happening in my little cycling journey? I think I can say that my morning cycles are going well. I’m still trying to get in 10 miles before work, most mornings a week. I’m getting more ‘Personal Records’ on Strava.. and the early starts are getting a whole lot easier. Although, there are definitely some mornings which are a little harder than others (usually weather related)!

From the grey skies, wind and slippery roads…

To beautiful sunny blue skies which really improves my mood and sets me up for the day!

At the weekend, Chris and I still go on longer 50 mile rides. We’ve been exploring new roads and areas which has been so much fun. My love of cycling really does continue to grow with each new place we get to explore. We recently achieved our furthest distance of 61 miles/ 98km. Although this may be really average for some.. it is worth reminding you all, that we do ride fixed gear bikes and not a road bike! Our legs are our gears and so A LOT more energy and effort is needed in order to keep pedalling.

So here’s to more cycle friendly weather, good rides and new routes!



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