London Galleries & Vegan Food (What the Pitta!, VX and Planet Organic)

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Another visit to London meant more vegan food and exploring more galleries! We like to go every 6 weeks or so as there is always so much going on and only takes us an hour to get into central from Brighton. On this particular day, we managed to visit 3 galleries and made it to a three vegan places too.. not too bad in just a few hours work!

The Photographer’s Gallery

This time we started off at The Photographer’s Gallery, which is just off Oxford Street. This is a lovely and modern gallery, situated over 5 floors. The current, main, exhibition was Gregory’s Crewdson: Cathedral of the Pines which explores suburban subjects, human relations within natural environments. I was so impressed with this collection- the colour tones, shooting formats and the ‘intimacy’ between the subjects and the environment was really captivating. I wasn’t sure if we could photos of the artwork, so sorry I can’t show you! If you’re interested in photography, I would definitely recommend going here.The Photogrpaher's Gallery, Cathedral of the Pines

Hutch Food ( @ Boiler house, Brick Lane)

There are always several vegan caterers in Boiler House and so every time we go into Shoreditch, we like to have a look around! We had the intention of picking up some sweet treats but ended up sharing/trying this lovely seitan based popcorn chick’n pot from Hutch Food. It was so crispy and perfectly seasoned!

Hutch Food Boiler House

What the Pitta! (Boxpark, Shoreditch)

For lunch we went to What the Pitta! who serve 100% vegan doners. I’ve eaten at WTP about a year ago, but there were located in a market and didn’t have the full kitchen facilities. Before they only offered the doner wrap and desserts, however their menu has now expanded. We both went for the chip box meal deal which included doner in a chip & salad box with a drink and the most AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE vegan baklava! It is so so, so mouth watering-ly good!What the Pitta Boxpark Shoreditch


VX is the oldest vegan shop in London and somewhere I always like to visit to pick up some sweet treats and new vegan finds! We picked up this amazing peanut cold brew last time we were here but they were out of stock this time round! However we didn’t leave empty handed, we bought an eclair, donut and a couple of cookies to take home!

Wellcome Collection

We then walked to the Wellcome Collection which we have been to several times. We keep coming back as we like it here so much! Their exhibitions are always really well curated and interesting. We went to see the ‘Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?’ which was all about how graphic design is used and how it has changed in the medical industry/world.  As well as seeing graphic design pieces, it was really interested to see how exactly it is applied in the ‘real’ world and how it adapts over time for particular uses!

October Gallery

We then visited a really small gallery, called October Gallery. It was that small, that we were there all of five/ten minutes! However, it has a focus on art from around the world, which is really important as we should support artists of colour! The current exhibition was Alexis Peskine’s: Power Figures. Their work has a focus on identity and cultural background. It’s worth a quick visit, if you’re in the area!

Planet Organic

After our ‘junk’ food from earlier on in the day, we wanted something light, refreshing and healthy to see us through until we got home. We went to Planet Organic to have a fresh smoothie and to pick up a little snack to take home.

Planet Organic

Home time!

Once we were home, we settled down to watch our film and eat our Seaweed and Soy Bean Onigiri Rice Ball from Planet Organic, our chocolate treats from VX and shared one of the baklavas!

What are some of your favourite places to eat and visit in London?




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