We are Planted x The Plant Room

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A rainy Saturday morning called for a little wonder into town to try out a new cafe called The Plant Room Coffee in the South Laines. Design and style definitely has not been neglected and in fact, the coffee shop is part of a homeware store called Edited. With hanging planters from the ceiling (which can be purchased in the store) and cacti on the tables, this coffee shop definitely has a very contemporary yet minimalist vibe. Trendy, relaxed and with very welcoming staff.


Now, what’s even better is that the food is supplied by We are Planted. As suggested in the name, all food is 100% plant based and ranges from filled rolls and sandwiches to ‘nausage’ rolls, banana bread, cakes, brownies and pastries. We had the intention of getting a sweet treat each but after having the breakfast rolls (which consisted of tofu scramble, avocado, mushroom and a homemade sweet tomato sauce) we were far too full!


For a quick bite to eat, I would totally recommend this place. I look forward to my next trip there and will definitely be trying their sweeter options. Only thing I would say, if you’re vegan, is to ask for the Bonsoy milk in your hot drinks as the cafe still serves dairy milk! It’s a slight shame the coffee shop isn’t fully vegan but cannot fault their choice of 100% plant based/vegan food.


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