The Power of the Bike! (Post work ride to Devils Dyke)

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Another summer’s August day at work was spent day dreaming about not being at work, staring out of the window and getting more frustrated that so much of our life is spent working with sometimes not a lot to show for it. Anyway, roll on 5PM and I was straight out of the door and pretty much running back home.

We then set off, the short 5 miles up to Devils Dyke, a National Trust landmark on the South Downs. Feeling my leg muscles working hard as we peddle up to the viewpoint, I felt strong and mentally empowered. With the slight breeze and evening sun on us, I felt an instant rush of positivity and gratefulness. When we reached the top, we were greeted by the stunning green views in the golden hour.

I’m not sure what I like most about this route, the feeling of strength or the views. Either way, I know it’s great for me mentally and physically. Seeing mainly male riders take this route, also makes me feel pretty badass (especially as I don’t have any gears or the full two brakes like they do)! Wearing my new ‘Femme Brutale’ t-shirt by the totally awesome Velociposse ladies track cycling team seemed even more fitting.

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Find something that you love, find that thing which gives you some PMA and keep doing your thing girls.






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