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July has zoomed by very quickly and I thought I would write a little post to reflect on it. Chris and I have moved to a new flat and are so far are very much enjoying our new space, our new route to work and being in a different part of Brighton (we’re right by the sea now)! Moving has seemed to have shifted a weight off both of our shoulders and we seem so much happier. Our old flat was part furnished and the landlady was quite overbearing and so the flat never really felt like ours or that we could fully enjoy it without being interrupted by some call, text or visit. As much as we liked the flat and made it ‘ours’ as much as we could, so many events happened throughout the three years which always left us with the feeling like we were living in someone else’s presence.

We’ve now moved into a much bigger Victorian seaside flat which came unfurnished. With white walls (and not a light pink colour haha) and dark wood flooring (instead of light laminate), we have started with an already lovely canvas. Although we’ve used all of our old furniture, we did have to get a new sofa and new bed frame- which are key pieces in the living room and bedroom. We also sold our old desk and got a new one. I believe that these feature pieces have really made the rooms and we are both so happy with how things have turned out.

In addition to this, I had an interview for a new job/company, got offered the position, handed in my notice to my current work and moved house.. all within the first 8 days of July. There was so much going on, I just powered through it. It wasn’t until a week later that it really dawned on me.. new house and new job! I don’t want to go into the details too much for now, but my current job wasn’t serving me the same enjoyment as it used too. I had been looking for a new job for quite a while and it took time and patience before something came along. I am looking forward to starting this new chapter- the new company is so much smaller and passionate and I see so much potential and growth (for both the company and myself).

With this current heatwave in the UK, we’ve been feeling like we’re on holiday in our new place. Eating outside in our courtyard, popping down to the beach when we feel like it, exploring the new area around us and evening strolls has been such a treat. All this Vitamin D, sun and warmth has been so good for me. There are not so many options for me to cycle in the mornings within the hour time limit I give myself, but I’m in the midst of working out new routes which is super fun. So it has been a busy month full of change which I am very much embracing!

I do hope this month has treated you well :).

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