Recent Vegan Eats in Brighton #5- [ Loving Hut & The Almond Tree ]

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I do love cooking and tend to  cook or make 3 meals a day for a good 6/7 days of the week. However, there is something nice about treating yourself (or getting yourself treated!) to some food out and wanting to support local vegan communities. Also, who really likes washing up?!

After a long and tiring Saturday cycling ride, we ended up eating at Loving Hut as quite frankly, I didn’t have a whole lot of energy to cook. There are two Loving Huts in Brighton, one in the Lanes (Gardner Street) and one on The Level. We usually go to the Gardner Street one as we like the mix of Asian and Western style foods, whereas The Level franchise is much more Westernised. However, this time we went to The Level Loving Hut as I spotted a very tasty looking lasagne on Instagram, that I just had to try! And wow, it did not disappoint! It was so incredibly cheesy, with the perfect crispy topping. The faux mince was so well seasoned.. it really reminded me of ones I used to have in my pre-vegan days. It also came with some delightful side of two pieces of garlic bread and salad with a vinegarette garnish. Three weeks later and I still think about it. Chris went for a burger and a side of nachos (which I also ended up eating)..

Forward to this weekend just passed. . Sundays for us, often call for a nice stroll around and grabbing some lunch in town. We went to our very local veggie café called The Alomond Tree (I’ve talked about it on here before and definitely recommend it to everyone). They have a great vegan selection and GF options too. I believe they serve their cooked breakfasts throughout the day too. We ended up sharing th Curried Chickpea Wrap and the Noodle Salad.  Although I was in the mood for healthy eating, it’s really nice to have the option of both healthy and more ‘unhealthy’/oily foods- which is why I always enjoy it here. The noodle salad bowl had tempeh, peanuts, an array of salad foods on a bed of (rice)? noodles, served with a side salad and garlic soy sauce. It was REALLY delicious. A little awkward sharing, so I’ll be most certainly ordering one for myself next time!

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