Recent Vegan Eats in Brighton #6- [ Pho, Bagelman & Moshimo ]

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In the last few weeks I’ve tried a couple of new places- Pho & Bagelman and went to a restaurant I haven’t been to in nearly a year- Moshimo! These three places, are actually omni places and although I usually prefer going to vegan only places, I think it’s important to show support for places which have a good offering of vegan dishes.. also, it means you get to eat out even more!


Pho are a Vietnamese street food restaurant which have a few locations in the UK, including Brighton. Although nothing is marked as veggie or vegan on the menu, the meat free options are either pretty obvious from the options (ie. ‘Gỏi cuốn- Fresh rice paper summer rolls with herbs, vermicelli & pickle.’ ) and at the bottom of the menu, it specifies that they don’t really use dairy in their cooking. I would still advise to check with the staff that your order is vegan before placing it (everything we hoped was, was!) We went for:


  • Đậu que- Green beans & sugarsnaps in a mild peanut dressing
  • Gỏi cuốn- Fresh rice paper summer rolls with herbs, vermicelli, pickle & peanut sauce


  •  Phở Xào- Wok fried flat rice noodles with lemongrass, chilli and Asian greens. Served with peanuts & nước chấm (Chris)
  • Cà-ri- Rich, fragrant Vietnamese curry with veggies & mushrooms, topped with nuts & served with broken rice (Me)

Can you tell I just love peanuts?! Everything was so beautifully made and tasty. It was so well cooked and not as oily as some Asian restaurants can be.

Vegan at Pho Brighton


Bagelman are a little local chain in Brighton and Hove.. you guessed it, they serve bagels! I believe, that up until late 2016, all their bagels contained honey, so although they served veggie/vegan friendly fillings, the whole bagel wouldn’t have been vegan. This year they bought out several vegan bagels and more vegan fillings! Although you can ‘pick and chose’ from the menu (as Chris did), or pick their ready selected bagels, I picked out their bagel from their Specials board. I can’t exactly remember everything in it, but it definitely had vegan sausages (Linda Mccartney ones), BBQ sauce onion rings, gherkins, Violife cream cheese, It was pretty incredible and made a great filling and well priced lunch.

Vegan at Bagelman in Brighton


In Brighton, Moshimo, a Japanese style restaurant, is well known for its vegan offerings. It has won an award by PETA for promoting plant based food. You can take a look at their plant-based menu here. We each had the Katsu curry each and shared several sides:

  • Korean soba (chilled soba noodles in a hot and spicy Korean sauce, on a bed of cucumber)
  • Agedashi tofu (crispy fried tofu served with a dashi sauce)
  • Vegetable tempura
  • Small mochi rice cakes

They also do a matcha shake (which is what I had) and it is automatically vegan as it is made with soya milk. It was so nice, and although the milk made it heavy (well with all the food I ate), the matcha felt quite cleansing! After sharing just 3 sides, I was sort of content and then the main dish was huge, you can’t see it, but there was so much rice (not complaining)! The food was really amazing and was just as good as I hoped/ remembered it being! Let’s just say, we were left feeling VERY full after.

Vegan at Moshimo in Brighton Vegan at Moshimo in Brighton 2

I’m thoroughly impressed with the new places we have tried and the continuous vegan offerings of vegan places. Now, you won’t catch me eating the new vegan burger at McDonald’s, but I will be supporting other restaurants and places like these!

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