Recent Vegan Eats in Brighton #1 [ Purezza, Green Kitchen & Longhouse Cafe ]

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I should really do a whole post on all the vegan friendly places in Brighton, but even I haven’t got round to trying them all! Must. Make. Time!! So here’s just a post on some recent food I’ve had out in the past three weeks.

Most UK vegans will probably know or heard of Purezza. It’s the UK’s first vegan pizzeria and of course, it just had to open in Brighton. There’s talk of it opening up in other cities in the UK now too! Now of course, I’ve been here numerous times, but they’ve recently have gone through a re-branding, refurbishment and have added more items to their already great menu- so I was excited to go back. We went in about a week and half since they re-opened and we were not disappointed. I could spot a few new pizzas (including burger pizzas) and more items on their dessert section. We both went for a pizza and shared dessert after. My ‘Parmigiana Party’ pizza was pretty much perfect and by far my favourite one of theirs! It consisted of smoked mozzarella, fried aubergine, sausage with basil and nutritional yeast <3. The salted caramel cappuccino was also divine. New Purezza mission- success! (Still need to try the mac ’n’ cheese).

Our local vegan cafe, Green Kitchen, is super sweet and a favourite of ours. We’ve been a few times for breakfasts and lunch and it’s always super good. They have a really extensive breakfast menu- fried breakfasts (including black pudding), french toast, pancakes, granola.. the list goes on) as well as lots of other lunch, salad and burger options. Annual holiday leave meant a rare weekday off so we decided to go for breakfast out. Chris went for his usual Full English and I tried the baked bananas with cinnamon, orange, cardamom, nutmeg, yoghurt and nuts. Oh my- they were incredible! I couldn’t stop raving about them. I’ve not really had a breakfast like that before. It was super sweet, but still felt really healthy! It kept me going for a good few hours too. Although I want to try the French toast next (i’ve not had a vegan version before), I’ll definitely be ordering the baked bananas again.

The last recent place we went to is Longhouse Cafe.  It’s a plant based cafe and community space which has been open less than a month. The decor inside was so relaxing. There are hanging air plants from the ceiling, crates for seats and beautifully hand crafted Scandinavian style mugs and plates from a local pottery. I can see myself sitting here for hours with a cup of coffee, book and most probably a slice of cake! My raw salad (courgette, tempeh, seeds and a spicy peanut sauce) was amazing. It was beautifully flavoured and presented. I was even a little upset once I had finished it all! As we went quite late in the day, I had the last portion of this salad (usually there are a couple more extras) but it was so very filling and completely delicious as it was! 

As always, thank you Brighton for providing such amazing vegan food and making veganism/plant based foods so accessible to the public. Brighton- you’re pretty awesome!

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