Recent Vegan Eats in Brighton #11 [ The Coffee Counter, The West Hill Tavern & Beelzeburger ]

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Here comes a vegan ‘junk food’ style edition of ‘Recent Vegan Eats in Brighton,’- featuring toasties, pizza and burgers. Some days, you just want something beige and beautiful and these places certainly tick the boxes!

The Coffee Counter

The Coffee Counter is a cafe in the North Lanes, as well as great coffee, they specialise in toasties but have fairly  recently started offering breakfasts and bagels. During our visit, we went for the ‘Vegan Reuben’ and the Smoked Tofu. Both were super tasty, but the Reuben toastie was extra great- the mix of hot melty cheese, sausages, mustard and sauerkraut was just delightful. We had some vegan mochas too (not all mochas are vegan, even with plant milks). The owner was really lovely and explained to us how they want their menu to eventually go fully vegan (even though they are not vegan themselves!).

Vegan Brighton- The Coffee Counter

The West Hill Tavern

This is a pub in the Seven Dials area of Brighton and only about a 2-minute walk from Brighton station. They used to serve burgers but have recently changed their kitchen and it’s now run by Cosmic Pizza Co. They have two vegan pizzas on their evening menu and one brunch pizza. Of course, we had to share both of the dinner pizzas- which was very much enjoyed after a 60-mile bike ride! The vegan pizzas are the ‘Sorry Miss Jackfruit’ (Pulled bbq jackfruit & seitan, charred sweetcorn, pineapple, vegan mozzarella) and the ‘Sgt Pepperoni’s Heart Club Band’ (Smokey tofu pepperoni, peppers, vegan mozzarella & parmesan, hot pickled red onions). Now, all I can say is that these pizzas have now made it into our top 5 vegan pizzas! The jackfruit one was particularly tasty! I believe they do a 2-for-1 on Tuesdays evenings too.

Brighton Vegan- The West Hill Tavern



Beelzebab at Hope and Ruin is a well known vegan junk food hot spot in Brighton. They serve all vegan loaded fries, hot dogs and doners. A couple of weeks ago, they opened up ‘Beezleburger’ at East Steet Tap, a craft beer pub and venue, near the seafront. Beezleburger serves, you guessed it, burgers, sides and desserts- again, all fully vegan.  As we both wanted to try the same two burgers, we ordered both and shared them. One burger the ‘Ananas’ had a seitan patty with a bacon rasher, satay sauce, cheese and pineapple and was amazing. The other burger we ordered was the deep fried ‘Mac ‘n’ Cheese’ burger, which also had a bacon rasher and was just absolutely divine. I couldn’t stop thinking about it on the way home!

Vegan Brighton- Beelzeburger

For some glutinous and beige goodness, I highly recommend the pizzas and burgers! A toastie and a coffee is just a perfect for a lunch stop, plus the owners’ dog is often there!

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