Recent Vegan Eats in Brighton #13 [ Tofu Social Club @ The Revelator, Woodbox Pizzeria & Curry Leaf Cafe ]

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As always, it’s another foodie post! Because.. we all know how much I love food and love to try out Brighton’s vegan offerings! We’ve recently managed to go to three new places which is always exciting. Although all were pretty spectacular, I think I’ll start with the best of an already great bunch..

Tofu Social Club @ The Revelator

Tofu Social Club is a fully kitchen and have recently taken residency at The Revelator in Hove. I’ve not had the food before nor have I been to the pub, so it was all something to look forward too. After seeing the menu on Instagram, I just knew I had to go ASAP. The menu sounded INCREDIBLE and so I already had quite high expectations- I really hoped the food would match up!  They took over the kitchen on Wednesday 26th Sept and by the Saturday we were already there.

We shared the Panko Seitan Burger (with plum sauce, teriyaki mayo & rocket) and the Tempura Tofu Burger (with mango chutney, shredded lettuce and carrot and a dill relish). Of course we each had the hand cut chips which were tossed in polenta and sea salt- mouthwateringly good!  Both of the burgers were absolutely delicious, definitely one of the best in Brighton and definitely high up there in my favourite ever vegan burgers.. now that’s a good review huh! The desserts and small plates look just as amazing and I’m definitely planning on returning very soon to try the rest of the menu.. and the Nori burger too! Incredible food, quick service and the pub had a great atmosphere too! A solid 8.5-9/10 experience!Tofu Social Club @ The Revelator- Vegan burgers in Brighton

Woodbox Pizzeria

For a mid-week date night, Chris and I went to Woodbox Pizzeria in Kemptown, before a trip to the cinema to see Crazy Rich Asians. They serve Napoli style pizzas in a very chilled and beautifully decorated restaurant. They only offer the one vegan pizza, called Bella, which consists of lemon and basil pesto, artichoke hearts, spinach, sundried tomato and garlic olive oil. Now, I do love a good vegan pizza oozing with vegan cheese, but the Bella just proved what the power of an excellent pizza base, a select few vegetables and a key sauce can do. It was so delicious, I’d happily come back again to have it. It would be great to see more vegan offerings- but the quality of this one shows that the chef has carefully curated its menu!

It’s also worth noting that Woodbox often have weekday pizza deals. We actually used a Wriggle ( a food and event offer app) code so we got our pizzas for £7.50 each rather than £11.50.. result!

Woodbox Pizzeria- Vegan Kemptown, Vegan pizza in Brighton

Curry Leaf Cafe

Curry Leaf Cafe is an Indian street food and curry eatery with two main locations in Brighton (Brighton Lanes and Kemptown) as well as a kiosk at Brighton station. Although the Kemptown branch is very near ours, we ended up going to the Brighton Lanes branch as we were already in town and plus, they have a slightly different menu which also swung it for me! Before I even got there, I was planning on getting one of their thali platters so I could try a mix of a few things! I went for the Ennai Kathrika which consisted of a thick and tangy aubergine and coconut based curry and Chris went for the Aloo Gobi Bhindi Dalma which had a split-pea lentil, cauliflower, okra and potato based curry. Both came with biriyani rice, paper dosa, kale bhajis, daal, tinda masala, tomato rasam, veg pickle, poppadums & coconut chutney. The main curry was really tasty and the coconut chutney and kale bhajis particularly stood out for me- as did the dosa! At £9.95, I thought it was very reasonably priced, especially as the platter was HUGE and I left feeling absolutely stuffed! We also shared a pot of fresh mint tea, which helped cleanse and aid our digestion.

Curry Leaf Cafe- Brighton

We have been really spoilt with our last few choices. It’s always so fun getting to try both new places (whether they’ve just opened or new to us). As always, the Brighton vegan options just keep expanding- we just can’t keep up!

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