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I love the variety of a vegan or plant-based diet. Sometimes an easy dish of rice, steam vegetables and some tofu is my idea of comfort food- something so easy, simple, filling and nutritious. Whereas other times, I crave some fried glutinous food! The fact that I can have both, and all are made from the wonders that are plants.. is amazing! Here are some amazing vegan fast foods that I have had in the last couple of months.

Beelzebab (Hope & Ruin, Brighton)

A popular place in Brighton, Beelzebab serve vegan hot dogs and loaded fries as well as some desserts in the pub Hope & Ruin. They come out with some pretty outrageous items for their menus, particularly their specials. So when I saw the ‘Halloweiner,’- I just had to try it! It’s made from a tofu dog, in a deep fried bun tossed in sugar and cinnamon, topped with apple, toffee sauce and popcorn. And wow, was it amazing! Although it was mainly sweet, the savoury tofu sausage actually took some of the sweetness away so it didn’t feel too much like a dessert for my lunchtime meal (well.. maybe I’m kidding myself here). But anyway, it wasn’t something I could have often, but it was completely amazing.

I think their specials change monthly and usually have a special dessert too. You can see their usual menu here.Beelzebab Vegan Fast Food in Brighton

Young Vegans (Camden Market, London)

Young vegans are a vegan pie shop in Camden Market. They have a really good menu with a variety of sides. You can order a meal combo: a pie and a side for £7 or you a pie and 2 mini sides for £8. I went with the latter. It was quite difficult to choose as all the pies sounded amazing. There were about 3 I narrowed it down too, but the Katsu Curry pie, just about swung it for me. I also went for the mac ‘n’ cheese and fries as mini sides- topped with gravy of course. The pastry was spot on and the faux meat and curry sauce was sooo delicious! The mac ‘n’ cheese with the seitan pieces was particularly outstanding, so creamy and mouthwateringly good. As much as I try to go to a different place each time we visit London, I’m definitely planning on going back. It makes perfect comfort food, particularly on a cold and rainy evening like it was. Unlike a lot of other places in Camden Market, they also open until 9PM, so it was a great way to have some awesome food quickly before our gig in Kentish Town (as we had travelled to London after work)!

Young Vegans Pie Shop- Vegan Fast Food in London

The Green Grill (Brighton’s Christmas Vegan Market, Brighton)

We’d been to The Green Grill at the Soho Vegan Market, back in the summer. However, they were recently at Brighton’s Vegan Christmas Market– an all-vegan market with a range of ethical, fairtrade or low waste companies and with all proceeds going to Mutual Aid (a vegan food bank). Since it was a Christmas event, The Green Grill had a festive menu on for that day! They had the ‘Father Christmas’ burger (a black bean, mushroom & walnut patty, carrot puree, stuffing, cranberry jam and gravy) as well as the ‘Hot Deer’ hotdog (a beetroot bun with seitan sausage, saute veg, pomegranate and an apple and pear chutney). We both went for the burgers and shared a side of seasoned sweet potato wedges. The bun was so soft but held all the fillings in so well! The mix of festive flavours were so nice as a burger, particularly the gravy! They even let us put our food in our own containers! You can see their standard menu here and can see which events they will be at.The Green Grill- Vegan Fast Food in Brighton and London



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