Round up of 2017

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Another year is coming to an end and 2017 has a been a strange one. Politically, socially and environmentally, 2017 hasn’t been great. Whilst at times, my low self-confidence and view of myself has made me think ‘I haven’t really achieved anything,’ I think it’s super important to remind myself of all the changes, choices and things I have accomplished, no matter how small! Most importantly, I think it’s so important to reflect on the things I’ve experienced and places I’ve been ever so fortunate enough to visit. Afterall, in this capitalist society, why should we work 40+ hour weeks and be so consumed with money and belongings, when really we should be experiencing things.

Setting yourself small and achievable goals is so much better than making totally unrealistic and dramatic life-changing goals. I managed to achieve almost all of mine (all the ones I definitely wanted too anyway) and so looking back over the year, is definitely, currently, giving me a sense of fulfilment. 

Some ‘goals’ I set myself at the beginning of the year which I achieved have been:

  • Reading at least one book a month
  • Writing one blog post per week
  • Completing a 100 mile fixed gear bike ride
  • Cycling at least 3 times a week
  • Spending more time with family
  • Experiencing culture and going away whilst saving money for the following year

Fun adventures and places I’ve travelled to:

  • Copenhagen, Edinburgh and Berlin
  • LOADS of new galleries
  • Exploring East and West Sussex more on the bike

There have been a couple of ‘larger’ goals I haven’t quite achieved, but that’s totally okay. I can work toward these in 2018. Giving myself more time to read, acknowledging that I need some time alone to myself has been good for my mental health. Cycling regularly has allowed me to increase my fitness and give my head a fresher and clearer mindset for the day. Being slightly stricter with myself to posting on my blog more regularly, has increased my creativity flow, which has been great. Of course, visiting new cities, places and art galleries going back to our beloved Berlin has been so truly exciting. Whether you are in a position to travel or not, it is important that we take time out from our day to day lives to recharge, reflect and enjoy ourselves.

What are some of your goals you achieved this year? Have you set any for this upcoming year? Here’s to 2018, let it be full of good health, happiness, kindness to others and yourselves, compassion to all and to more travel.


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