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I’ve been wearing lipstick on a daily basis for about five or six years now with 90% of the time it’s some variation of red. This means, I have gone through many lipsticks and from many different companies. Now as a vegan, I of course only ever purchase and wear vegan friendly and cruelty free (CF) make up. The last few years has seen a popularity and demand for liquid to matte lipsticks, and luckily, so many CF and vegan friendly brands now offer these. By far the best one I’ve found is the Velour Liquid Lipstick range from Jeffree Star Cosmetics in terms of coverage, lasting power and pigment. Jeffree Star Cosmetics aren’t the easiest to get hold of in the UK and sometimes when it’s sold out or I don’t want to pay US shipping fees I use Sleek‘s Matte Me lipsticks. I’ve been using ‘Rioja Red’ and ‘Old Hollywood’ but I’ve recently purchased three other shades so thought I’d do a little post on all of them! The nude-pink colour is something I’ve never really worn before but thought I’d give it a go..


Sleek Matte Me AllDSC00997

I’m a bit undecided if the ‘Birthday Suit’ is for me.. Maybe i’m just not used to lighter colours on me, but I think I’ll wear on more lazy days or perhaps a day at the beach when I want a bit of colour but don’t want to go completely bare lipped! You can definitely see the colour difference between the reds and berries and at only £4.99 it’s great to have a range you can affordably build up. The no-fuss and minimalist packaging works well and maybe makes them look more high end than they are. The only downside is that they are more drying (for me anyway) and do start cracking if I use multiple layers. But as they’re so cheap and something I can pick up on my lunch break, I really cannot fault them and will use on a regular basis as an alternative to more higher end brands.


    1. Hiya! When the first collection came out, Sleek said the whole range was vegan. They’ve recently produced 6 new shades- as there’s not much info on the new ones, I checked every ingredient myself to see if they were vegan too and they’re fine! 🙂

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