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So in response to my last post on more ethical shopping, I really want to talk about Bourgeois Boheme– an independent and UK based Vegan Society approved luxury footwear company.

Design alone, has certainly not been neglected with BB. Their shoes are so timeless and stylish- meaning they’re not some ‘throw away’ wasteful product that you want or will dislike in six months time. So much thought and care has been put into the brand, materials and design. So, why do I want to support BB? They’re not afraid to use the ‘V’ word, they’re not afraid to say how damaging the leather industry is for animals, the planet, health and the lives of people. Additionally, other faux leather shoes on the market are made from PVC which is unfortunately an un-biodegradable plastic. BB use Italian cotton backed microfibre PU called Mycro© in their uppers. They also use paper, cork, recycled rubber and C02 emission free plant-based polymers (including grains and seeds from food-free crops) in other parts of the shoes. They are even releasing a collection using Piñatex™ (pineapple leaves fibres) in 2017. 

Another thing I really like about this company is how they regularly use the term ‘slow fashion.’ They too understand the importance of how damaging fast fashion can be for the environment and so want to create footwear that will last for years. They have a whole section on shoe care and encourage people to find a good cobbler when the heels start to get a bit too worn rather than promoting people to buy a new pair. A company that holds its ethical values, is one I definitely want to support, even if it means paying that little bit extra.

I was fortunate to purchase myself a pair of the Portia Boots.


dsc04315I’ve always loved boots- I love how you can wear them throughout the year and the right style seem to go with dresses, skirts, trousers and sometimes even shorts! They’re super versatile, which is another reason why I wanted to get a pair of long lasting smarter boots (I have more casual Vegetarian Shoes Boots)!


(Also featured- Matt and Nat Brave backpack in Carbon)

dsc04351 dsc04268 shoes
If you’ve decided that you really need a new pair of classic style and high quality boots, I would most definitely recommend these.


  1. Hi Yaz, thanks for the great review – these boots are now half price and I’d really like to buy them. I have the BB Mathilda boot and found I needed to take a whole size smaller (I’m a 6 and this size was swimming on me, so took a 5). Just wondering if you found the the fitting ran large with the Portia boots?

    1. Hello!

      I hope I’m not replying too late to this! In terms of length, I would say that these are true to size (I’m a size 6), however, they are quite narrow. If they did these in half sizes I would have gone for a 6.5 to fit my slightly wider feet more comfortably! Looking at the pictures of the Matilda boot, they do look wider than the Portias. I think overall, I would recommend the 6 for you (unless you have super narrow feet!)- hope this helps!

  2. Hello,

    Thanks so much for your advice, have ordered the 6 🙂 Your beautiful pics of the boots made me decide to buy them after much debate so thank you!


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