Slow Mornings- Learning to Relax

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Does anyone else have difficulties slowing down and learning to relax? I find that my brain is always thinking, always planning and just usually feeling a little restless. Often when I’m winding down with a book or watching some Netflix, my mind will start to wander off and then I start to feel a little guilty as I should be doing something productive. Even during my yoga class, I find it difficult to completely switch off 🙁 .

During the week, the mornings are so rushed (particularly if I’ve got up early to do my morning hour cycle) and then the evenings after a full day at work, go so quickly- making dinner & lunches for the next day, house chores, yoga, social things etc. It can be quite late by the time I’ve finished everything and then I either don’t have much time to relax or find my brain has been so active that it just won’t switch off. I’m trying to read more in this time rather than scroll on my phone (as this definitely helps me relax more). However, over the past few weeks, I’m making sure that at least one morning over the weekend, I will have a slow morning.

Slow Mornings

This is where I will take my time in making a lovely bowl of creamy hot porridge with a generous helping of toppings. I’ll have it with a lovely milky cup of tea or a frothy coffee made from freshly grounded beans (thanks Chris). I’ll eat slowly and mindfully (and not like my work breakfasts as my desk!) and really enjoy every mouthful. Once finished, I will read more of my book, before even thinking about starting my chores or getting ready for the day ahead.

I suppose this post is to remind myself that it is absolutely okay to slow down, to take time for myself and to just relax. Hopefully, I’ll learn to increase my relaxation time to more than just one morning per week and learn to thoroughly enjoy it rather than feeling guilty!

Slow Mornings

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