Summer Winter Transition- Cycling, Mental Health and Thoughts

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I didn’t manage a ride yesterday because of the rain and today I only just made it home in time before the rain started. I think it’s safe to safe that ‘summer’ (if we even had one) is definitely on its way out. We had the odd week and odd day of warmth and sunshine, but, overall, this summer has seemed to have passed in a grey cloudy blur.

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I have always been a summer person. My mental health, my attitude, my outlook, my ambition, my routine and even my clothing is much more suited to the warmer and sunnier months! There is always a period in August where I start to worry about what the winter months will bring- How will my mental health be? How much will I be able to cycle?! How long will the cold and rainy weather last? Just thinking about it usually makes my mood start to drop. However, this year, I’m really trying to see the positives and make the most of the colder and wetter months that lie ahead.

The Autumnal months are usually fine- I do enjoy the cold crisp air and low sunlight in the mornings. I can appreciate the coolness as I cycle and of course, the changing of the green leaves to beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow. November and December are mostly okay. Bar the short day light hours, these couple of months leading up the New Year are often full of events and usually goes quite quickly. But then there’s the January- March months, where the weather seems to remain a constant grey and cold. It’s not the most inspiring of months.
However, I am now going to set myself some reminders, goals and positive aspects, so that I can really make the most of the Winter. After all, life is precious and I don’t want to ever wish time away.

  • Crisp mornings, fresh air and low golden sun
  • New winter kit
  • Exploring places on the bike when
  • I can go for Winter walks when it’s too icy or cold to cycle (something I don’t often do)
  • Cosy-ing up with duvets and watching films when it’s raining  (usually in the summer I see ‘film days’ as a ‘waste’ of a day, but I will learn to appreciate home comforts and staying inside)
  • More time to plan and creative content for this blog
  • I can have more time to try new recipes
  • Can improve on using the rollers at home (I WILL LEARN TO NOT HAVE ONE HAND ON THE WALL BY DEC 31ST 2017!)
  • Learn to relax and not feel on edge when I stay at home
  • Learn new skills
  • Keep up fitness in other ways- improve my upper body strength (something I can do at home, no matter how wet or cold it may be outside)
  • Long baths with candles, bubbles and a good book
  • More time to read

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Just writing this list alone, is already making me feel less anxious and aprehensive about Winter. It’s good to be open and something I would encourage all to do. What are some of your goals/reminders over the winter months?

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