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Do I still cycle?

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I haven’t really spoken about cycling for a while and I rarely post about it on my Instagram, so I think some people assume I don’t really cycle these days! However, I certainly say that I am still cycling and still enjoying it very much! Due to life things and preferences, we no longer do… Read More »

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Winter Cycling Tips as an Amateur Cyclist

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It’s colder, darker and wetter in the UK. It can be hard finding the right time to go cycling and it can be easy to get into a routine of not getting on your bike and going for a ride. Now, that’s what I did last Winter. When you’re not a professional or even race… Read More »

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My First Fixed Gear Century Ride Experience

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Completing one of your goals is a really great feeling- no matter how big or small it may be. One goal I set out for 2017 was to ride my first century ride (100 miles/160km) in a day. On Sunday 27th, we did just that! Although to some, 100 miles might be a regular thing,… Read More »

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Fixed Gear Goals 2017

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So, a week into 2017 and I’m already super excited for what this year may bring in terms of cycling and cycling adventures. I’m more determined than ever, to become more confident on my bike and have more confidence in my abilities. I’m certainly going to adopt a ‘can’ do attitude when it comes to… Read More »

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Day off in West Sussex

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Taking a weekday off work feels so much different to a set (weekend) off. Knowing you’d normally be at work but instead can do whatever you want, certainly brings a smile to my face. I booked a Friday off, as it was Chris’ last day off before starting his new job. Of course, this day involved bikes… Read More »