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Vegan in Prague

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In February, Chris and I went to Prague for four days to celebrate our anniversary. The week prior to our trip, it had been snowing in the city but during our stay, there were glorious blue skies and it was really quite mild. Regardless of what beautiful weather we had, Prague is such an interesting city, full… Read More »

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Vegan Places to Eat and Shop at in Hong Kong

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If anyone says to me that eating vegan food out in Hong Kong is difficult or that there are limited vegan options in Hong Kong, I will reply with a big laugh! A very amazing ten-day stay in this placed proved just how easy it is to be vegan. Sure, whilst walking down the busy streets… Read More »

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Vegan Food in Berlin [2017 Trip]

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For my birthday a few weeks ago, Chris very generously gifted me with a 5 day trip to Berlin.. It’s one of our favourite places and I feel so lucky to have been able to go back! A massive thank you to you Chris <3. How he managed to keep it a secret, I do… Read More »

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My Tips for Vegan Travel

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Travelling as a vegan is very exciting, but perhaps a little daunting, especially if you’re not staying somewhere where it is self catered. Questions such as- Will I be able to eat out? – Will I be eating salad and chips every day? (not complaining about eating chips everyday!)- Will eating vegan food add on… Read More »

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Vegan Food in Edinburgh

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Both with a few days off work, Chris and I decided on and booked a very last minute and fairly spontaneous trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. Neither of us had been to Scotland and when we decided we wanted another get away (I mean- there’s only so much saving and working you can do before it starts impacting your… Read More »