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Vegan Food in Edinburgh

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Both with a few days off work, Chris and I decided on and booked a very last minute and fairly spontaneous trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. Neither of us had been to Scotland and when we decided we wanted another get away (I mean- there’s only so much saving and working you can do before it starts impacting your… Read More »

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Copenhagen Trip, March 2017

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A wonderful four days in March were spent in the beautifully sunny, yet cold Copenhagen, Denmark. If you haven’t already had a look, check out my vegan food post on our stay! Here’s a quick round-up of what Chris and I got up too on our long weekend stay: Day 1 After landing around 4 PM,… Read More »

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Vegan Copenhagen 2017

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A long weekend trip (Thursday-Sunday) to Copenhagen meant exploring a whole new (to us) city and vegan scene. Before leaving for our trip, I googled and made a list of vegan places. We certainly didn’t find it hard eating out in this city and found a good mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Here’s a quick summary… Read More »

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Vegan Food in Berlin!

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For those who don’t know, Berlin is simply fantastic for vegan food and vegan lifestyle. I’m not quite sure why, but veganism seems so much more ‘natural’ with even some very meat orientated fast food vans and train station food places offering a vegan dish. DAY1: VEGANZ, THE BOWL & VIASKO I’ve been lucky enough… Read More »