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Vegan & Palm Oil Free Banana Bread

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Banana bread is a great comfort food and is a perfect way to use up those bananas which are starting to go off.. This recipe is for a super gooey vegan and.. palm oil* free banana bread to make the planet and your bellies happy! *Palm oil is a vegan product but it does unfortunately… Read More »

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Creamy Vegan Chickpea Curry with Sticky Coconut Rice

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A beautifully creamy vegetable curry with sweet coconut sticky rice. This dish is full of nutrients and 100% plant based ingredients- good for your tummy and for your health! We managed to eat all the curry between us (we were super full) but with side dishes, it should feed 3-4 people. INGREDIENTS 1 x large… Read More »

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Viva! Brighton Vegan Festival 2016

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Brighton is well known for being a very vegan friendly city in the UK, so when vegan festival and events are held, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be an excellent turn out. Well Saturday 3rd September was the Viva! Vegan Festival at Brighton Corn Exchange and it was certainly no exception! When we first arrived, there… Read More »

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Day off in West Sussex

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Taking a weekday off work feels so much different to a set (weekend) off. Knowing you’d normally be at work but instead can do whatever you want, certainly brings a smile to my face. I booked a Friday off, as it was Chris’ last day off before starting his new job. Of course, this day involved bikes… Read More »

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Vegan Food in Berlin!

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For those who don’t know, Berlin is simply fantastic for vegan food and vegan lifestyle. I’m not quite sure why, but veganism seems so much more ‘natural’ with even some very meat orientated fast food vans and train station food places offering a vegan dish. DAY1: VEGANZ, THE BOWL & VIASKO I’ve been lucky enough… Read More »