The Best Places for Vegan Food in Brighton

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So.. here it is! After almost six years of being vegan, four of which, I have been living in Brighton, I think I’m pretty qualified and familiar with the vegan food Brighton has to offer! Of course, I haven’t had EVERY vegan option there is (corrr, I’d run out of money and would not be cooking for a good few weeks!) but I can definitely curate a list of what I think are the best places to eat vegan food in Brighton.

I have tried to include all sorts of meals from breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinner and desserts of all different budgets, quantity and value for money. I’ve made two lists, one of which includes all the names of the places and the types of cuisine and comes in a .jpeg or PDF file, so you can save it onto your phone. The second list is the name of each place, in alphabetical order and gives a little more detail into each place. As a  massive foodie and as a Brighton Vegan, I like to think that my suggestions are well considered, tried and tested!

The Best Places to Eat Vegan in Brighton

You can also get a PDF version here.

Almond Tree Vegetarian cafe with a range of vegan breakfasts, lunches, wraps and cakes
Baby Bao @ The Pond Vegan bao buns and small plate options, fully vegan on Mondays
Beelzeburger Fully vegan burgers and fries
BeFries Belgian fries and a big range of vegan dips (hold vegan nights with sides plates)
Boho Gelato Always have several vegan options- all unique flavours and changing menu
Bombay Aloo An all you can eat vegan Indian buffet
Brighton Chinese Takeaway Extensive vegan menu of beancurd, faux meat & prawn dishes, deep fried prawn balls, egg free Singapore noodles Manjus Vegetarian Indian mains and street food dishes
Café Trafé Salad bar is always vegan (other vegan options such as ‘fish finger’ sandwhiches)
Cornish Pasty Shop Offers vegan pasties, sausage roll and pies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, gateaux, meringues, tarts.. (the sweet list goes on!)
Curry Leaf Cafe Vegan options on mains, sides and thali platters
Earth and Stars Offers several vegan options including a more ‘gourmet’ style fish n chips
Eden Cafe A vegetarian cafe with most of the menu being vegan/having a vegan option
Foodilic An all you can eat salad buffet with clearly labelled vegan options
Glazed Donuts A cafe with all vegan donuts (note- they serve plant milks and dairy milk)
Green Kitchen All vegan with an extensive breakfast menu- full cooked English, pancakes, baked bananas, homemade granola french toast etc. Also serves burgers, hot mains, sandwiches, salads and Sunday roast dinners
Happi Maki All vegan sushi rolls and small bites
Infinity Foods Kitchen All vegan home cooked, seasonal, fresh and flavoursome meals, platters and cakes
Iydea A vegetarian cafe with many vegan options- pick a main, two sides and toppings
KempThai Takeaway Vegan options on noodles, curries, rice and sides
Kentanya Store with vegan sushi, bento boxes, gyoza, pumpkin korrokes and noodles
Kor-Pan Vegan tofu katsu curry, sushi, kimchi and bowls
Larder A vegan cafe with buddha bowls, jacket potatoes and other lunches
Little Jack Fuller’s Offers a vegan fishcake during the week but also holds Vegan Tuesdays
Longhouse Cafe All vegan cafe with breakfast, brunch options and lunches
Loving Hut (Gardener St) All vegan fusion food- Western fast food, English breakfasts, Asian dishes, cakes, gateaux, pastries and other deserts. Cheap, cheerful and a very big menu
Loving Hut (The Level) All vegan fast food- burgers, wraps, sandwhiches, lasagnes, salads, cooked breakfast, cakes, fish & chips and roast dinners
Manjus Vegetarian Indian street food and mains
Monkeechops @ St Georges Inn Changing menu, but always has one vegan roast option
Moshimo Vegan Sushi, katsu curry & mains- larger menu & discount on ‘V Wednesdays’
Namul Vegan options for bibimbaps, sushi and bento boxes
PizzaMe Vegan menu with super melty cheese
Planet India Vegetarian Indian mains and street food dishes
Pompoko Simple, flavoursome & cheap vegan tofu & rice dishes, pumpkin katsu curry & sides
Purezza All vegan pizzeria with pastas and raw food
Sabai Thai Vegan section on each part of the menu- many fresh and flavoursome options
Smorls All vegan falafel wraps, salad boxes and hot dishes and amazing garlic-y hummus
Sugar Sin A pick n mix style sweet shop with a variety of vegan options (clearly labelled)
Terre à Terre World inspired and imaginative vegetarian cuisine with plenty of vegan options
The Coffee Counter Offers vegan cheesy toasties, sandwiches and vegan breakfast
The Plant Room Cafe with plant decor and a vegetarian food counter (mostly vegan)
The Prince George A vegetarian pub with a massive vegan roast on Sundays
Tofu Social Club Fully vegan kitchen with burgers & small plates
Trading Post Coffee Cafe with a mix of vegan toast meals, cooked breakfasts, porridge, cakes & banana bread
We Love Falafel Vegetarian wraps and salad boxes- vegan option for almost everything
You Juice Cleanse Fresh Fresh juices, salad bar, raw treats and smoothie pots

If there is anything I’ve missed, you can always drop me message and I’d be glad to give my suggestions! Whether you’re a Brighton Vegan like myself, have visited Brighton or have simply had a great vegan meal in Brighton, I’d love to know your thoughts are on the best vegan food in Brighton.

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