The Best Vegan Roast in Brighton?! (Munkeechops @ Saint George’s Inn)

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Although I do love eating a Sunday Roast dinner, it’s actually quite rare that I have a real craving for it. However, this Sunday, on the August Bank Holiday Weekend, it was a very wet and windy day.. ALL DAY! We had a lovely chilled and slow morning inside but as it was nearing to lunchtime, the darkness, cooler temperatures and the sound the of the rain,= gave me real crazings for something warm, filling and most of all.. comforting. A roast dinner just ticked all of these boxes. After a quick google, it seemed there were a few pubs near us in Kemptown which offered a vegan roast. We decided to go to the Saint George’s Inn, whose kitchen is run by Munkeechops.

They had two vegan options on their menu, a madras lentil wellington roast and a burrito- we both went for the roast. As it was very quiet (due to the rain and our arrival time), the pub was really quickly and so our food was served super quickly. As soon as it came out, I could tell from the presentation alone and the way the chef explained the different parts, that we would be in for a treat.

Best Vegan Roast in Brighton- Munkeechops @ Saint Georges Inn

Although the menu showed what trimmings the roast came with, we definitely got some extras like the garlic pak choi and leafy greens as well as the crispy potato ‘ridge crisps’ on top and apple sauce. The taste of everything was so mouthwatering incredible- neither of us could believe just how delicious it was! It’s not often I write about a single meal in one full post, but this meal definitely deserves its own post! The trimmings were so perfectly done and the flavours and textures of everything went so well.

Looking at their Instagram account, it seems that they change their menu very frequently. I’m sure everything will be equally as tasty, but I can’t lie when say I’ll be a bit disappointed if I don’t get the chance to have this meal again! My mum’s vegan roast with all the trimmings will always be my favourite, but this vegan roast is hands down the tastiest roast I’ve had out and by far the best we’ve had in Brighton!

Best Vegan Roast in Brighton- Munkeechops @ Saint Georges Inn

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