Vegan Afternoon Tea at Queen’s Hotel in Southsea

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Vegan Afternoon Tea at Queen's Hotel SouthseaAs part of my Grandparents’ Christmas present, my sister, our partners took and I took them out for an afternoon tea. We chose the Queen’s Hotel in Portsmouth/Southsea as it’s close to their home and is somewhere they used to often go when my mum and auntie were small!

Although they don’t advertise that they offer afternoon teas, I emailed them to ask, and they got back to me within the same day saying that yes they could! It’s always worth checking with a company or place if you’re unsure about their vegan options, most people do actually email back really quickly. I find that it’s much better to check rather than assuming, ruling something out and missing out! If somewhere doesn’t, if enough people do enquire then they may re-think their menu too :), so win-win all around.

After sitting down, we were shown the tea card and chose our teas. After a short while, we were asked if we wanted our afternoon teas prepared or if we wanted to wait. It was nice to have the choice, you could really drag the experience out.

Here was our lovely 3 tier vegan afternoon tea which consisted of a savoury level and two sweet trays! It’s worth noting that the chef accidentally put the veggie sandwich plate on our vegan stand. I thought one sandwich looked very eggy, but thought it could be a vegan mayo and something. I politely asked the waitress to double check and she went back to the chef to check. It turns out that the plates were just put on the wrong stand and the staff were so apologetic! Luckily we hadn’t eaten them and it was just an honest mix up rather than the chef not understanding what veganism is!

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Queen's Hotel Southsea

The bottom layer had two different types of finger sandwiches-  hummus & cucumber and smashed avocado and tomato. The smashed avo one was particularly good!

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Queen's Hotel Southsea

The middle layer consisted of a raisin scone and flapjack each and the top layer had the vegan jam pot (for the scones), (amazing) chocolate dipped strawberries and an orange jelly pot with blueberries. About half of the vegan afternoon teas I’ve had, haven’t had scones, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when they are bought out. When booking our table, I didn’t actually know what we’d be getting, so it was even more exciting when it was brought out to our table.

The homemade jam was so sweet and delicious and the scones were perfectly cooked! As much as I liked the flapjack, I wish I had two scones as they were that good! The whole tray for the two of us was very filling, but we managed to eat it all bar one flapjack (which we took home!).

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Queen's Hotel Southsea If you’re vegan and going out with omni or veggie family members, this is a great place that can cater for all. The reception staff when booking were also ever so helpful (as where the waiting staff) especially as we had a couple of allergy and other dietary requests as well!

I can’t finish this post, without talking about talking about the hotel itself! Both the interior and exterior architecture of this Edwardian hotel is so just beautiful, it makes the perfect setting for an afternoon tea! If you’re looking to go for an vegan afternoon tea in Portsmouth, I highly recommend this place.

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Queen's Hotel Southsea

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