Vegan Berlin Trip!

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A recent visit to Berlin consisted of four awesome days of sunshine, exploring and eating lots, in a really great and welcoming city. The city is so rich in history, culture, art and with the super cool DIY scene and left wing activism, well, how could we not love the place?! We saw a range of sights and attractions but as the weather was so great, we decided to not visit any indoor museums.

When booking we came across loads of hotels, so there will definitely be something for a range of budgets and preferences. We stayed in Moabit, a lovely and quaint district of Berlin, at Ameron Abion Hotel which is situated overlooking the River Spree. Travelling around the city was really easy (especially if you download a subway app) and there is a direct train from Berlin Schoenefeld Airport to the city centre. Day tickets for the subway, which includes both overground (S-Bahn) and underground (U-Bahn) costs around 7,50 Euro.. a pretty good price if you ask me. As tickets aren’t printed with dates, you’ll need to validate your ticket afterwards!

Our four days consisted of sights, food, sights and more food.. I feel like a text post on each attraction we visited, may be a little lengthy, so I hope you find the following pictures a sufficient enough ‘guide’ if you’re interested in visiting this wonderful city. Please get in touch if you wish to know more information on a certain place!


Day 4 (attractions)You may already know but Berlin is one of the most accommodating cities in the world for vegans. So, aside from all the historical attractions, the food side of Berlin played a big part in why we wanted to visit this city. A separate food post can be found here! In the meantime, here’s a little visual diary of our time here:

Thanks for having us Berlin!




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