Recent Vegan Eats in Brighton #4- [ Food for Friends & Sabai Thai ]

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I’ve been ever so lucky this week and have been treated to two meals out in a space of four days! The first being at Food for Friends with Chris’ family for his belated birthday meal and the second meal was at Sabai Thai for a date night with Chris.

Some bad attitudes towards my weight and constant worry about eating out too much as it ‘messes’ up my eating routine, would usually send me into a spiral of negative thinking about my appearance, weight and general health. HOWEVER, I’m trying so so hard to push those horrible thoughts away and embrace the luxury of eating out.. especially if I’m being treated! I’ve not let it affect me this time and even managed 2/3 courses each time, with little effect on my mental health.. YAY! Anyway, enough of the self talk, you’re probably only here to look at the lovely food!

Food for Friends

  1. A delicious starter of Sweet Tofu Pockets which were filled with shiitake mushrooms, spring onions and brown rice and served with pak choi, pickled ginger and wakame in a hot sauce. We shared these but as they were so beautifully cooked, I would probably order these just for myself next time!
  2. I went for the King Oyster Mushroom Katsu Curry which was served with sticky rice (mmmm), pickled veggies, sugar snap salad and kimchi. While everything was cooked very well, I think I would prefer if a mix of vegetables, or something a bit heartier like pumpkin was used instead of the mushroom. Something wasn’t quite 100% right, but nonetheless, still lovely.Also check out Chris’ Tofu Sesame Lollipop! I had a taste and it was really tasty, particularly the satay sauce. Although he said there was a little too much tofu and not enough of the sides, I think I would order this next time. 
  3. We both went for the Dark Chocolate Mousse, which was so rich and delicious. The apple sauce and pistachios worked perfectly against the bitter dark chocolate. A definite recommendation!

So yes, a lovely meal out, with my favourite courses being the starter and dessert (of course)!

Sabai Thai

Although not a veggie or vegan specific restaurant, they have a clear separate vegan list  in each of the menu sections (ie. appetisers, curries, noodle dishes, salads, etc etc). There were plenty of fully vegan dishes and some options were marked as VO (vegan option available). The website even states that they use their own homemade sauce to replace the fish sauce that are used in the non vegan or vegetarian dishes.. result (that  oyster or fish sauce does seem to sneak its way into ‘vegetarian options’ in a lot of Asian places on the UK!)

  1. We got two appetisers to share. The first was the Sabai Vegetable Wrap which was veggies in a sweet peanut sauce in rice pancakes. This dish completely delicious and I could of had a whole big plate for a main if it was an option! We also shared Thai Spring Rolls which came with a sweet chilli sauce. You could tell they were homemade as they were so crispy and fresh! I also ordered a Green Matcha Shake with soya milk (I was quite surprised there was a dairy free alternative for this!)
  2. 2. For the main I went for the Pad Gra Prow (stir fried Thai basil, chilli, garlic, onion, fine bean, baby corn and red pepper in a Thai soya sauce) with tofu pieces. Ahhhhh it was amazing, like seriously ah-may-zinggg. Chris went for the Pad Puk Ruam Mit (stir fried vegetables in garlic and Thai soya sauce). We each had a portion of coconut rice each (made with coconut milk rather than desiccated coconut) and shared a portion of sticky rice. This sticky rice was perfect for mopping up the left over stir fry sauce!
  3. We both were pleasantly full but I can’t resist just ‘looking’ at the dessert menu. We saw they served Boho Gelato vegan ice creams/sorbets. Although it was sea salt caramel (one of my favourites) I was going to say no.. until I saw that they did vegan versions of both deep fried banana and pineapple. Instead of dairy ice cream and honey, it came with the sea salt caramel sorbet.. result! I just had to order one to share. I’ve always loved Asian deep fried banana/apple/pineapple with syrup and it bought back some family memories. The batter was beautifully done, not too heavy or oily, just perfectly crisp and light! Just typing this makes me want this again.

All three courses at Sabai Thai were so beautifully done and I can’t wait to go back. I really do want to shout over the rooftops about this place ! It had an awesome vegan friendly menu with just as gorgeously cooked food. The setting was lovely and relaxing too, we sat by a water feature (didn’t photograph, sorry!) A complete must if you like Thai food, are Vegan and are in Brighton!



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