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A long weekend trip (Thursday-Sunday) to Copenhagen meant exploring a whole new (to us) city and vegan scene. Before leaving for our trip, I googled and made a list of vegan places. We certainly didn’t find it hard eating out in this city and found a good mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Here’s a quick summary of where we ended up eating!

We arrived in Copenhagen around 4pm, so after checking in to the hotel, resting for a bit and a little walk around our district, it was more or less time for our dinner. After travelling and feeling a bit sluggish we went to a little organic and vegan deli called Organic Boho. I went for a fried cauliflower salad with sweet potato fries on the side. I had an amazing matcha, banana, avocado and spinach based smoothie. Chris went for a fried sweet potato wrap (not photographed) and a beet based juice. The food was really delicious and definitely blogger worthy to look at! As well as salads and wraps, they had burgers and smoothie bowls too.  I believe they may have had some sweet treats. It’s worth noting that there’s are only 3 seat seats inside and one tiny table outside!

Day 2

We started the day at 42 Raw. You guessed it, a raw and 100% plant based café/restaurant serving juices, smoothies and contemporary breakfasts and lunches (including pizza). I had a peanut butter, almond milk and avocado milkshake (which was amazing and filling) and Chris went for a strawberry and ginger smoothie.  The place had a pretty trendy and industrial style vibe. A great stop for breakfast.

About ten minutes walk away was a little vegan grocery and lifestyle shop called Den Veganske Butik (The Vegan Shop). Although they had a few brands I am already to familiar with, it’s always great to look around and find new products.  I picked up some sweet treats as holiday gifts for my family. We noticed some rice milk based cone ice creams but it was just a bit too cold to get any! Although small it had a good mix of vegan staples as well as toiletries clothes and literature. It only opened in 2016 and is worth noting that the stock was organic in too.

A further ten minutes walk away was a veggie bakery with A LOT of vegan options called Naturbageriet. The ingredients were all written out in the name cards, along with clear labels as to whether they were vegan and/or gluten free. We could have easily got carried away but came away with four treats, which we ate over a couple of days They also stocked vegan cheeses, chocolates and other sweet treats.. what a delight!

For dinner we went to Video Video. A fully vegan ‘fast food’ cocktail bar/restaurant with a video game theme. There were figurines, arcade and board games as well as old VHS tapes dotted around. Although they claim to be a fast food- I’d say there were more healthier options than fast food ones! I went for a sushi bowl and a ‘choco-coffee’ milkshake and Chris went for a pesto pasta bowl and a ‘choco-banana’ milkshake. We shared a side of cheesy nachos with salsa and sour cream. I had a chocolate orange cheesecake and Chris went for a chocolate mousse. We both loved the food here! The staff were super friendly and the place had such a chilled atmosphere.

Day 3

For breakfast, we shared a couple of treats that we had saved from Naturbageriet.

For lunch we went to GreenBurger, a fully vegan burger bar. I had the BBQ burger with an additional cheese slice and Chris went for the Mexican burger. We had chips each (which were SO good) and shared a portion of onion rings. This was a great burger and a really filling meal.. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who want some a good hearty burger meal! The restaurant was clean bright and spacious with plenty of seating.

A late afternoon snack was spent at Nicecream. A fully organic and vegan ice cream parlour. We went for the bowls, which had lots of toppings and tasted just as wonderful as they looked! These were banana based so a healthier option for those who are more health conscious. They did serve more ‘traditional’ ice creams in cones or tubs and even cookie ice cream sandwiches- these were all sold out by the time we got there. They had milkshake and coffee so on the menu too.

Our last evening meal was spent at the Copenhagen Street Food Market which was on the opposite side of the river from our hotel. There were 3 vegan stalls here : 2 falafel stalls and a Columbian (which looked great) called La Tienda who recently went from veggie/vegan to all vegan. There was a juice bar, a raw food stall, a pizza and ‘protein‘ stall that offered vegan options. As pizza lovers, we just had to try the vegan pizzas from the vegetarian MadeinItaly who do served by the slice, Roman style pizzas with a Danish twist. They had 2 vegan options left but this was just because they had sold out of the rest. We both went for the same option which consisted of chickpea cream, cashews, raisins, spinach and tender-stem broccoli. We sat outside, watching the shoreline of boats and lights of this beautiful city whilst eating this delicious pizza. What a lovely way to spend our last evening.

Day 4

The last meal of our trip was at Café N in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. This café/restaurant is decorated with cosy cushions and paintings. It’s a really sweet place. We ate just before midday but as it was our breakfast and lunch combined and the fact we wouldn’t be getting back home for a further six hours, we (I) decided to not be shy with my order. The cold morning meant a hot chocolate was definitely required and Chris got a latte. I went for the vegan brunch which consisted of vegan omelette, seitan and potato croquettes among an array of other delicious bits (see picture). I also had a side of amazing root fries and the best (homemade) garlic mayo I’ve ever had! Chris went for a pesto burger, fries and ‘special’ freshly squeezed juice meal deal. The food was super good here!

Our vegan food experience in Copenhagen was definitely a success! We had our junk food and sweet treats yet packed in some nutrient dense and wholesome whole foods We ate loads of awesome food and were both so pleased we got to try such a variety of new and exciting places! There were still some places we didn’t have time to go too such as- The Organic Lab, Souls, Express Pizza Nørrebro (not vegan but has vegan menu), Astrid och Aporna Spiseri and partner store Astrid och Aporna.

#vegancopenhagen was impressive for sure!


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